Wednesday, September 02, 2009


So, this just in - Project Runway is amazing.

I know. Don't judge. I just never got hooked on this show before. I heard all about the last winner Christian, aka creator of the phrase "hot tranny mess" but I just never watched it.


It's glorious. Just glorious. What was Marlin thinking with that chicken egg thing? How much does the model Vanessa look like a brunette Holly Madison? And why haven't I been watching this for years and years and years?


  1. I am OBSESSED with that show. It would be 100% worth it for you to watch last season's episodes- Christian was the best I have ever seen on the show and I've watched it from the beginning. He was hilarious!

  2. One of the most fabulous shows on television. Tim is fierce.

  3. I spotted Jay McCarroll, winner of Project Runway Season One, at the Philadelphia Flower Show in March and I just followed him all afternoon to see what designs he thought were cool. Who does that? Say hello to the best show ever and say goodbye to your social life.

  4. Um, thank you! Obsessed with this show. It's about time you caught on! I want Tim Gunn to be my best friend.

  5. i just got hooked myself! AND....thanks for the ipod advice. i finally got around to calling apple today and they are sending me my box tomorrow!


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