Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Since October is right around the corner, I thought I'd share some fun things that are coming up this month:

Right out of the gate, Auburn-UT game in Knoxville. You may recall that last year, C and I placed a cookie-cake bet on the outcome of this game. We enjoyed the War Eagle cookie cake that he had to buy for me. I'm hoping for a victorious repeat on both the game and the bet.

Steel Magnolias is showing at the local Repertory theater - I'm hoping someone gets offered some gratis tickets but if he doesn't, I want to go see it anyway. I'm interested to see how the movie version and theater version differ.

Then, in two weeks, Evan and I are heading east for the day for Star's wedding. I am excited to sing at the ceremony and meet some of her family and friends, including her husband and my accountant/her mom! And, because I can't resist being in the same zip code as an Ikea without stopping, we're swinging by there and a wine-selling Trader Joe's to stock up on Two Buck Chuck before heading home. And everyone knows a car ride with Evan is always entertaining, so at the very least, there's that.

Rounding out the month, I'm still debating what I want to be for Halloween. My original plan was to be Beyoncé off her Single Ladies video (I provided the link for those of you who haven't Mary Byrne who hasn't seen the video)... but I am not sure I have the guts/figure to prance around in public in a leotard. I don't even know of any parties or plans for Halloween this year, other than a big fat W over Ole Miss down in Auburn, but that doesn't require a costume...

And technically, this is happening in November but one day is close enough - I got tickets to go see This Is It! yesterday and I am excited/nervous. The previews really sort of scare me - MJ looked like a skeleton. Coincidence they are releasing it at Halloween? Nope. I bet there will be loads of people dressed up like they moonwalked right off the Thriller set into the theater.

So factor in fall weather + lots of soup + scarves and Uggs + all these plans = one happy girl! What are you looking forward to this month?


  1. This month I am looking forward to:

    The wedding
    Disney World and Savannah
    Turning 30
    Visiting a pumpkin patch
    Seeing a performance at the Bluementhal theater here in Charlotte
    Going to Auburn v. Ole Miss game

  2. So sad that I don't have anyone from Auburn to ride with/room with to get to the wedding!!!

  3. have lots of fun at the wedding for us!

    I'm looking forward to being able to wear fall clothes without having a heat stroke. mmm and pumpkin bread!

  4. Have fun at the wedding. Post lots of pictures.

    Did you stand in line for This Is It? People were camping out for that stuff. Please tell me you didn't wait longer than 5 minutes. Please?


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