Friday, September 18, 2009


Last night, Chris and I went to the Predators game. The tickets were free, and when I ordered them a few weeks ago, I really tapped into my inner genius - instead of getting, say, second or third row tickets, I had a moment of intellect and ordered them in the All You Can Eat zone. Unlimited hotdogs and popcorn and nachos? B-R-illiant. I thought I had really done us a solid and C arranged his schedule to come with me. And lucky for us all, he packed his Fang Fingers*:
Other than this picture, the win over Atlanta and some QT with Chris, the game was a FAIL. The tickets (which had All You Can Eat printed on them, mind you) were free so it wasn't too much of a loss, but they don't put the food out for "pre-season" games which - by the way, what a cop out! A game is a game. As far as I'm concerned, when the games start, so does the season. NFL, I'm talking to you as well. But we were in the third deck, with empty seats all around us, and neither one of us are die-hard hockey fans, not to mention someone was cold (me), so naturally we left after the second period.

Which meant all the wonderful TV that was saved up on my DVR was ripe for the watching. First up - the Office. So funny. Welcome back, Michael and the gang. I feel like they went a little off-kilter last year with the whole Michael Scott Paper Company storyline, but I feel like this year we will have a great season. Next up was Project Runway. Raise your hand if you were disappointed in the big huge lie. Also raise your hand if you would go on a reality TV series and tell a lie when there are cameras following your every move. Regardless of his design, Johnny deserved to go home for being really stupid. The whole thing reminded me of Joey and his raccoon. And saving the (arguably) best for last, SNL Weekend Update Thursday. So great! Ahhhh, TV. Welcome back.

And for anyone that is still wondering, I love my DVR. If it wasn't taping Will & Grace for me at all hours of the night, I would totally unplug it and sleep with it in my bed every single night.

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  1. I mean did he really think the whole " steamer spewed water on it" was going to fly...good riddance!


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