Monday, September 28, 2009


Lately I have been trying out some classes at my YMCA. With my work schedule, I've realized I have to schedule a workout just like I would schedule a meeting... only after work.

Last week, Evan and I went to Zumba - it was so hilarious. I didn't love it. Maybe I need to invest in some special Zumba shoes and I might like it more (my tennis shoes weren't enabling smooth moves across the floor). But we had a good time together and enjoyed shaking our rumps.

Then on Wednesday, C and I did two back-to-back classes: a Just Weights class, where you are using... just weights!... and doing repetitions to music. If you're gonna lift weights, that's a good environment to do it in. So after an hour of that, we stayed for the Step/Yoga combo class. We did 30 minutes of step then 30 minutes of yoga ("yogurt"). Then, since I packed my swimsuit, we did the sauna for a little while then kicked around in the pool.

And this weekend, I hit a small milestone in my retraining process that was really exciting and encouraging. When you are starting from scratch (again), it is so, so hard to get those first few two and three-mile runs under your belt and to where you feel good about them. But, it's also so, so rewarding once you do!

I am really excited about bunko on Wednesday. This week our theme is Real Housewives of Nashville. I've never watched a Real Housewives of [insert city here] but I think a miniskirt and some leopard heels will do the trick.

I am also very excited about UT-AU this weekend - will any of you be there?


  1. awesome on your training!! i went to the gym tonight and it about killed me. maybe you can be my coach!

  2. You go girl!! Let's do a half together!!!!!!1


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