Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Knowing my love for Kanye, a lot of people have come to me asking what I thought about his outburst, his apologies, and the whole situation. I typically would say “no comment” but for whatever reason, today, I feel like sharing. And you know the only thing I love more than Kanye is a list, sooooo:

1. I still love Kanye. He is a crazy, selfish, egotistical SOB, but he’s also very gifted, talented and smart. His problem on Sunday was that he was drunk. There are photos of him carrying around a handle – not a fifth but a handle – of Hennessey. Was it all liquor? Who knows. But he clearly wasn’t in his right mind. Does that make what he did and said okay? No. But it also doesn’t make me delete him from my iPod. Take the late, great King of Pop for example: also gifted, talented and smart. Did he use his best judgment 100% of the time? Heavens no, and he went to court over it. But at his funeral, people were just lining up to sing his praises and proclaim what a troubled, misunderstood but TALENTED soul he was. Don’t the people with the most talent tend to be the most troubled? Look at Lady Gaga - you don't wear outfits like that if you're not troubled and people LOVE him/her! I think the next morning, Kanye woke up, took his shutter shades off and realized what an @$$ he’d made of himself (and that his haircut wasn't helping). Maybe he even realized it earlier than that, since he took to his blog with an apology that was later deleted. But he knows he was out of control. And if he was acting last night on Leno, then he should be at the Oscars not the VMAs, because he looked genuinely embarrassed and deeply ashamed. And Leno wouldn’t stop there--he went for broke and asked him what Donda would have thought. Checkmate. Honestly, the bottom line is he did TS a favor because everyone in the world right now is looking at her and thinking, “what a saint!” So my ultimate opinion: his actions were neither smart nor cool nor condonable nor enviable, but I’m still a fan. And if that makes me not smart, not cool nor condonable, then so be it.

2. ENOUGH about that – let’s talk about the amazing performances!! I left this program in my DVR for Beyonce’s song alone. And Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. And then there's Janet, who was just icing on the cake. Drama be damned, at least we have the performances.

3. How come Pink can wear a pasty and no one says anything, but when Lil Kim did it, all heck broke loose?

4. And really, Lil Mama? Did you think Alicia Keys and Jay-Z needed some help up there? I don’t care how much you like New York, you looked ridiculous! But, the true REALLY?! goes to MTV, who apparently couldn’t be troubled to send a few more guards to the stage after the Kanye incident. Maybe from now on we need to put barbed wire around the stage.

Now. Can we all move on to more pressing items, like what this huge lie on Project Runway is gonna be about?!


  1. I don't know about the MJ/Kanye comparison. They're not even close to being in the same league. It ticks me off that Kanye is getting publicity because of this. He's a d-bag

  2. I didn't compare their talents. I compared their troubles, both in the court of public opinion and court of law.

  3. P!nk has smaller boobs. It doesn't look as bad, maybe?

  4. I'm aight with people still liking him as long as they're honest about who he is.

    I think it was Rev Al Sharpton that said "wasn't nothing strange about your daddy" at MJ's funeral. I have a big problem when people can't honestly look at anything.

    This incident hasn't exactly "hurt" Taylor Swift in the publicity arena.


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