Monday, August 10, 2009


Things I Took to Washington, DC:
Carry-on suitcase with two books and enough clothes, toiletries, etc. for two nights in DC

Things I Brought Home from Washington, DC:
Friends frame fridge magnet*
Playbill with autographs from the cast of Nine to Five*
Carry-on suitcase with two wicker baskets and a picture frame with half of the clothes, etc for two nights in DC packed in as a cushioning
Extra large shopping bag packed with a third wicker basket, two more picture frames and three sets of magazine holders
Large suitcase with three more frames, two sets of four dishtowels, two potholders and an oven mit, train set**, one roll of art paper and wooden dowel dispenser**, three pillows, kitchen utensil rod with ten clips, pack of 5 note cards to be framed and the other half of the clothes, etc for two nights in DC packed in as cushioning

So clearly, I went to Ikea while in DC. Checking or carrying-on case of Trader Joe's wine (if you can even do that) got bumped the minute I started buying baskets and pillows. I ended up having to borrow a suitcase and carry a paper sack on the plane and almost had to ship some stuff as well. As I put it to my family, my eyes were bigger than my luggage. And what's sad is I could have bought more, lots more, if I had been driving home and not flying. Ikea strikes again!

*Thanks, Jennie and Jamie!
**In my defense, it wasn't all for me!

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