Monday, August 31, 2009


What a weekend. I feel like I did so much but did so little. Per usual, here's the weekend recap:

Friday: C picked me up and we went to see 500 Days of Summer. It was very good! It made me not like Zooey Deschanel, oddly enough. But it was a good film, very clever and touching.

Saturday: Slept til 10 am. Ate. Went back to sleep and stayed in bed until past 4 pm! Lounged around until it was time to get ready to meet C's brother and sister-in-law for dinner.

Sunday: Cleaned up my apartment. Did three loads of laundry. Threw away two boxes of stuff. Watched Will & Grace in between. I mean, I got it tidy in there. Finally. And then, to top it all off, I cooked a delicious dinner* for C and then we watched Sunshine Cleaning. Another good movie - not as funny as I thought it would be but still good. Quite a different role for Amy Adams but good stuff nonetheless.

And to top it all off, the pièce de résistance, MY NEW IPOD CAME TODAY. Glory, hallelujah. Things are great in Lindsay-land. And my own personal DVR? Worth. Every. Penny. I've got 37 episodes of Will & Grace coming my way this week alone! It's good to be me.

*The delicious dinner was straight off of Rayne's blog - you were right, it IS yummy and super easy, especially with rice! And I don't even like mustard really, but you can hardly taste it. Makes nice leftovers, too. Thanks, Rayne!


  1. Lindsay-

    Hi! haha--I wish ;)


  2. Glad you enjoyed it! I love a good dish that is easy and delish!

  3. I'm happy you have this DVR. I didn't have one at my last place, and I forgot how awesome they are.


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