Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last week, I hauled myself all the way out to Wal*Mart after work to buy groceries but more importantly, to buy Sugarland’s new DVD/CD which is only available there. Bah. I hate exclusive deals. But in this case, it was worth it, because It. Is. So. Good.

There’s two discs – one is a CD with 10 tracks: 6 covers and 4 Sugarland songs. The covers are so great! “Sex On Fire” a la Kings of Leon, “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce, “Better Man” by Pearl Jam and more! The one weak moment is the “Love Shack” cover, which has started to grow on me actually, but I didn’t like at first.

Then there’s the DVD, which may or may not be just like the concert that aired on TV a few weeks ago (I wouldn’t know since I didn’t watch it). It’s so awesome! I watched it four or five times just last week alone! My favorite songs are "Genevive," "Steve Earle," and "Baby Girl." There’s also a mini rave with lightsticks and a disco ball, an acoustic set with foot stomping and lots of harmonizing, and lots and lots of Jennifer Nettles, who I think I want to move in with. She’s just a doll.

And you know what the most amazing part is? How much would you expect to pay for an item like this? Because it only costs $12.98. Seriously. Way to go, Sugarland. Everyone go buy your copy of Live on the Inside today – you won’t regret it!

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