Friday, August 28, 2009


1. The cable guy came this morning. I am now a proud cable subscriber and very proud! renter of a DVR box. I am so excited.

2. I shipped Rod the iPod off yesterday. The Grim Reaper/Fed Ex came for him at 6:38 last night and twelve hours later, he arrived in Sacremento. And I just got an e-mail from Apple that he's going under the knife any minute. Now that’s fast. The new iPod should be here next week.

3. I got the new Colbie Caillat album this week – it’s good. Also good? “Gold Digger” by the Glee cast. Not that ANYONE could top Kanye, but this is a cool version. I can’t wait for Glee!

4. I’m getting a haircut today… have I mentioned lately that I love haircuts? Hopefully Erin won’t have more tragedy to share this time.

5. It’s been a long week. I feel like I have done nothing but work, work, work (bunko aside). And to top if all of, there were a few "incidents" while I was on the clock: broken bathroom stalls and busted, bloody heads – I feel like I’ve seen it all. The weekend could not come at a better time! Peace out!


  1. YEAH for DVR. Im telling you your life will never be the same

  2. Good to know about Colbie's new CD. I LOVE her. I should probably plan on investing in that since I completely wore out the last one.


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