Friday, June 12, 2009


What a week. The busyness of the week has definitely taken its toll on me. As if working long and early hours and being around throngs of people all day wasn't enough, I've come home to company. Pests. Crawly ones, to be specific.

Now, a pest here and there is to be expected. You know I haven't been immune to it. But finding a pest in your coffee pot... in the water well, to be specific... three days in a row... is downright unsanitary. I am ashamed to admit that. But it's not like I am begging them to come live with me. Quite the contrary. I am ready for them to be extinct. So as I type, a bug bomb has been detonated in my apartment (again!) and hopefully those little b@$t@rd$ are lying dead on their backs by now. I might give someone $20 asked C to go do damage control so I don't have to. It was pretty gross last time.

I have started my Vegas spreadsheet and already I feel better. I scoured web sites, poured through books and solicited lots of advice, which all came together last night in a rough spreadsheety sketch of how this trip is going to go. So much for telling C to plan it all. He's good about weighing in, seeing how he's been there several times, and I definitely want his expert opinion. It's just that he's just more of a go-with-the-flow person, and I'm more of a I've-waited-26-years-for-this-trip-and-don't-want-to-miss-anything-or-leave-one-corner-unturned kind of person. Somewhere in the middle, we will mesh and have a great trip.

Mom and man are coming up on Sunday to visit, celebrate my birthday and go to the CMA Fest with us that night. And then it'll be Monday again, and then Tuesday, and then Wednesday, and then we leave Thursday from work!

Wish you all could be here for the spectacle that is CMA Fest. It's pretty fun. Wherever you are this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself!


  1. When you take a vacation, you leave no stone unturned.

    I wish I could see the rednecks. I mean, Country Music Fans. I must admit that I've been getting into country out here more. We have a pretty good station. It reminds me of home.

  2. ok, we do the whole bug control deal at our house and i've found THREE roaches in the past two days. ick. why am i always the one to see them, and not the man of the house? sometimes when i get in bed, i can just feel them crawling on me. i just got the shivers. good luck.


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