Saturday, June 06, 2009


So, I know you all are dying to know what this big birthday surprise was...

Meet Brad, Chris, Gary and Fran. These are Chris's four best friends from high school. Yesterday at 10 am, I picked up Chris and Fran from the airport, and a little later they took my car to pick up Brad and Gary.

While the four of them were hanging out at C's house, I was cleaning and making food. Why was I cleaning and making food?
Because we had a party!

When C got off work, he met me at a restaurant here in town. He has known something was going on tonight, so when he got to the restaurant to find just me, looking pretty rough (after a day of cleaning and cooking, remember), he was thrown off. Later he admitted to expecting a party or a party bus or something, even though at 6 pm would have been a really early party.

We chit chatted for 10 or 15 minutes, deciding what to order, until our waiter brought over a shot. He explained that some guys at the bar sent it over, they wanted me to come take it with them, they were really drunk, blah blah. I told him I wanted to go see who it was, so we walked back there. Three of the four guys were hiding and only one of them was still at their table, hunched over with his back to us. He slowly turned around to face C, whose expression was so priceless. He was STUNNED to see Brad and then when he saw the other three come out of their hiding spot, he was even more surprised. Big hugs all around, a little bit of shock and surprise, and then I left so they could have some guy time and hang out. I told them I was going to freshen up and I would meet them back at C's house.

Meanwhile, I did freshen up and finished getting ready for the party. Everyone showed up around 8:30 and we all waited on the birthday boy to arrive (we didn't turn the lights out or hide or anything... just kind of waited). When we heard the knock at the door, we all looked and there was Chris! He. Was. Stunned. He said all the lights on and chairs and tiki torches set up outside didn't tip him off enough to think there was a party going on. He didn't realize what was going on until he opened his door and saw us all standing there. I don't know how I managed to pull it off. Doesn't someone always spill the beans about stuff like this? But he had no idea. More hugs all around, and a great great night followed. Here are some more pictures from the party!*Reenactment photo at the end of the night, because I accidentally deleted the real one... and then cried about it. It looked pretty similar to this though, except he was wearing shoes.

So, what are the take aways from this post?
1. My haircut is too short;
2. I really like Chris;
3. And so do a lot of other people.


  1. This post makes me smile. I'm glad everything went so well!

  2. I am sure you got major girlfriend brownie points!!! Nice...I have never even done that for my I feel kind of bad! I love the short haircut. I have an appt in August just before school starts back and I am chopping mine! Also, where did you get the dress? I have seen it before and liked it but now I can't remember....

  3. 1. Love the haircut. I just cut mine the same length.

    2. Love the dress. Details please!

    3. Good job on the surprise. I'm trying to think of something similar for Travis, but I don't know if I can pull it off. Once again, you're my inspiration.

    4. How did the pigs in a blanket turn out?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Haircut: Still on the fence.

    Dress: Target.

    Pigs in a Blanket: didn't make em. We ended up having plenty of food.

  5. 1. Love the hair.

    2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you more than like Chris.

    3. I think you should get hitched in Vegas.

    4. Since I've started commenting regularly, can I move to the other list?

  6. You are SUCH the best planner ever. I, of course, LOVE your hair. A. LOT. I wish I could have been at the party. You need to blog about all of the appetizers you made- they look delish. I'm so glad you all had a great time- the pictures are awesome!!!

  7. Oh, the food. I stressed over the food. It's no secret I am NOT a chef. So to say I outdid myself is saying I merely put forth effort, since I never really do.

    Pictured clockwise from L to R: sausage balls, brownies, carrots and pesto ranch dip, two kinds of pizzas (FROZEN pizzas, mind you), macaroni and cheese bites and hot bacon and swiss dip.

    Ironically, the item on that table that required the most effort? The $9 ice bucket from Lowe's - I had to go to three different stores before I finally found one.


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