Thursday, June 04, 2009


Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes to good old C. We had a nice time at dinner at an Italian place neither of us have been to. I made his birthday cake on Monday night for us to enjoy, and was really proud of it until they brought out his free birthday dessert: the most fabulous tiramisu I have ever tasted. It had pecans and cocoa on top and blew my little Duncan Hines strawberry birthday cake right out of the water.

When we left the restaurant, I gave him one small present that I was really on the fence about giving him: a homemade recording of me singing two special songs. Just me, a cappella, no music or harmony or anything. Yuck. I sing for him all the time but I was having a hard time getting past my insecurity over my voice on these recordings enough to play it for him - to say I am not wild about either recording is a huge understatement - but I am so glad I did because he loved it. He's got the only copy of the songs (I even deleted them from the computer) so even if I wanted to post them here for you (which I don't), I couldn't. They're all his!

I am so excited about getting my haircut today and then of course the birthday surprise tomorrow, Coldplay concert on Saturday, and lest anyone forget, WE LEAVE FOR VEGAS EXACTLY TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! Oh June, how I love thee...


  1. I am so excited for you!!!!!! You are cutie with short hair. And please don't get married in Vegas because I want to be there :)

  2. Coldplay. Coldplay. Coldplay.

  3. bahaha! Sarah -- I totally hadn't thought of that.

  4. I thought of it and don't you DARE!
    Yo' Mama


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