Monday, June 29, 2009


Over the weekend, I poised a question on Facebook: do Ped Eggs really work?

I got back six answers:
"My best friend has one and says it works!"
"Yes ma'am!"
"My mom has one and she loves it."
"I have one too and I like it. Just don't use it when you get out of the shower."
"It certainly does!"
"Eh, I am not a huge fan...maybe I am doing it wrong??"

Five out of six was good enough for me, so yesterday when I went to Kroger, I swung through the beauty aisle to pick up a Ped Egg of my very own. t $9.99, it was still cheaper than a pedicure and I only hoped the Ped Egg would last longer. As soon as I got the food put away, I plopped on my couch, assembled my Ped Egg and went to work on my dry, cracked heels.

I noticed how dry my feet were when I came back from Vegas. I don't know if it the over-chlorinated pool, or walking around on a pool deck so much, or just all the walking in general, but my heels have never been so dry and cracked. Lovely image, I know. So I was expecting the Ped Egg to take down that dry skin like a weedeater.

Shave shave shave. Back and forth I went, occasionally peering at my progress. Was I making any headway? I shook the egg hoping to hear some shavings held hostage inside. Nothing. I kept at it for a while and after not noticing too big of a difference on my heels, I finally decided to open the Ped Egg to see what damage I'd done. I was expecting to find something resembling sea-salt, but instead I found a tiny pile of what looked like pepper or ashes. But at least it was something, so I put it back together and kept going.

I applied more pressure and continued Ped Egging for another 20 minutes. The skin/pepper pile had definitely grown by the time I was finished, but I am not sure I got my $9.99 worth. My heels were definitely not as smooth as I thought they would be. Maybe it sounds dumb but I definitely noticed more of a difference when I applied more pressure. I guess I was scared of taking off too much at first. Is there a way to do a Ped Egg wrong? What's your Ped Egg secret?


  1. Oh my goodness I almost gagged...

    "but instead I found a tiny pile of what looked like pepper or ashes..."

    Oh Lindsay... barf. I haven't ever tried the PedEgg so I really am of no use except to say "barf."

    AND I would volunteer that the dryness is from the ZERO humidity out here??? It may not feel like it all the time, but moisture gets zapped right out of you out here.

  2. I am claiming my "eh, not a huge fan" comment. I had your same problem. Once you find the solution holler and I will bring the PedEgg back to life. Until then I will stick with my cheap razor thing that just shaves the dead skin off. Its pert near amazing. - I know thats gross, but with all of the soccer playing and running, I have the most disgusting feet ever.

  3. I'm the queen of calluses. I think i got them from running & having high arches. They won't ever go away--so I just try to tame them. They are so embarrassing that I sometimes have to give myself a pedi before going to get a pedi! I have never used the ped-egg, but I have my own razor (like what they will sometimes use when you get a pedicure) and I love it. It ALWAYS gets the job done. Tweezerman has a great callus shaver--just make sure to get extra blades.

  4. i haven't tried it, but have been curious. the commercials are disgusting. when that lady opens up her freshly used ped egg and dumps the contents into the trash, i about throw up in my mouth!

  5. (I am a fan of your blog- I hope you don't mind, but have advice in this area as a fellow cracked heel sufferer)

    From an Oprah show: before you go to bed, rub a stridex/oxy pad on the bottoms of your feet, coat with coco butter, and then put on a pair of socks and go to bed. Repeat for 1 week and your feet will be so soft. During summer you will probably need to do it once a month and less in the winter. This will hopefully be slightly less then 9.99 but it will work.

  6. Razors are bad for your feet...they make the callouses (sp?) even worse. Burt's Bee's has a coconut foot creme (more like Vaseline) that you put on your feet and then put on a pair of socks. Or, if you're cheap (like me), just use plain ol' Vaseline and a pair of socks. Baby smooth feet in no time!


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