Monday, June 15, 2009


*Mom + 1 came to town yesterday for my birthday. We had a fun day visiting the temporary Judd Museum (don't act like you didn't know I was a Judd fan), shopping, then eating dinner at C's house (he grilled us some delicious steaks and ribs, yum!) and then we all trucked it downtown for the last night of the CMA Fest. It was a great show, too long if anything, and C and I left after the surprise guests (Sugarland)... and that was at 11:30 pm, before Kenny had even taken to the stage.

*Mom brought some birthday gifts with her, including some amazing homemade strawberry cucpcakes and a set of big girl luggage, which I have already set out to start packing up for Vegas! What a great gift! Thanks Mom!

*Did you know that all ten seasons of Friends are now on iTunes, ready for download? They used to have only three seasons up, but now all ten are there! I have started downloading my favorite episodes one-by-one and putting them on my iPod.

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