Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Exhibit 3,512 in the Case of How I am Becoming Mother: I joined a Bunko league.

The first and only time I ever played Bunko was at Laura Ann Mackey's birthday party in the second grade. We all went to a country club in Birmingham (I forget which one) and rolled dice until our parents came to pick us up. From what I remember, it was fun.

My mom has been in a group in Birmingham for a few years. I don't hear much about it except for when she hosts it and posts pictures of them all dressed up on Facebook (they have theme nights).

So when MB and some of her friends started a group, I was invited to join. We are slated to meet the last Wednesday of each month, a date which surprisingly I have free from now until the end of the year at least.

I got my first invitation in the mail last week. For the June gathering, we're having a June Jarty (that's jeans + party). Casey had cut out the rear pocket from a pair of old jeans, and tucked into it was an invitation with a witty limerick, and to give us a reference point, she'd photoshopped her pretty little face into this picture and printed us a copy all of our own: While I won't quite be crossing the line that Brit Brit and JT did with this heinous ensemble (hey, we all make mistakes [and isn't it fun to remember the days when Britney's mistakes didn't involve husbands or Huggies?]), I will be donning my double denim (jeans and jacket) and maybe a little something extra I will whip up between now and then.

And just like my mom, I'll take photos.

I've already started thinking of ideas for a theme for my turn to host...


  1. I LOVE BUNKO!! We play it with my family. I wish I lived there so I could join your league!

  2. I'm sure you'll be living here soon enough :)

  3. you nashville gals have got it going on! my bunco group definitely doesn't do themes. heck, i've been in the group for over a year and we've only actually PLAYED once. we just like to get together. and draw for prizes. :)

  4. We started with a plain wooden spoon that goes home with the last Bunko winner to add something to her ensemble each month.
    She now looks like Hooker Barbie, with false everything added to her plain wooden figure. I am trying to figure how to give her a prosthetic leg cause with only one leg she looks like the Appalacian emergency room girl on SNL. Happy Rolling!

  5. I love Bunco(does spelling differ from region to region or am I just incorrect? Won't take it personally, promise), but have so far only infiltrated enough to be a sub in the elite Fayetteville, AR group.

    Possibly mutinying to begin my own group, COMPLETE with themes!


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