Thursday, June 25, 2009


Before I tell you about the second half of our trip, I have to share about last night's inaugural gathering of my monthly Bunko club. Holy cow, was it fun.

As I mentioned, the theme was denim. I picked up MB, looking like this:
and she came running out, looking like this:
Luckily, when we got to Casey's house, we found ourselves in good company:

The hostess for each month (this month it was Casey) picks a theme and provides food. So last night we had a salad bar and a baked potato bar. After discussing the rules and teaching everyone to play, we were ready to get our game on.

Each game has six rounds. I think we will play three games from now on, but last night since we started late, we only played two games. We decided that whomever wins the most rounds in one evening will win the largest share of the pot; whomever rolls the most bunkos wins a smaller share of the pot, and whomever receives the most votes for best costume received the smallest share of the pot (when costumes are applicable to the theme).

So in game one, I managed to win five of the six rounds. Woohoo. In game two I only won three. That left me and another girl tied for most wins. The tie-breaker for that is most "out of towns" (a different combonation of dice that you roll). We were tied there with two each. Some people wanted us to have a roll off, but we decided we'd rather split the winnings. So guess who got her $10 back plus an extra $25? Kind of ironic that I went all the way to Vegas and lost money, but won $35 right here in Nashville.

The winner of Best Costume was Mary Byrne - look at her, didn't she deserve it? Don't miss the bedazzled pockets on that jumper. I think I would have won it had we not already awarded money to the winners. I definitely had the most creative costume, with my denim skirt doubling as a tube top. Classy, isn't it? I hope I have started a trend.

I am looking forward to many more months of this. Especially if I can keep my winning streak alive!


  1. Amazing. Loving the jean skirt/tube top look. Isn't Bunko fun?!

  2. Byrne -- you've been holding out on us!

  3. Let's not forget how Casey asked us to pick up a can of black beans on our way. She claimed she needed them for a dip she made. LJ and I walk into the grocery store in our denim fashion statements and get a can o' beans, bring to Caseys, and she doesn't even use them. What a sick joke.


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