Friday, June 26, 2009


I just realized that with all the Vegas and Bunko hullabaloo, I have not even mentioned Legally Blonde!

C and I went to see it on Tuesday night. As a continuation of my birthday celebration, he had snagged some complementary third row tickets through his company. Woohoo! So even if the show was lousy, at least we would have great seats.

Except it wasn't lousy - not at all. It was great, great, great. In fact, I am fighting all my urges to go back and see it again. Laura Bell Bundy was so wonderful and the rest of the cast was excellent as well. Why this show closed on Broadway, I still don't know.

Just a minute ago I had to run a package downstairs and guess who I saw standing at the ticket counter? The young man who plays (among other roles) the UPS guy Kyle. I ran back upstairs and grabbed a coworker who is going to see the show on Sunday and drug her with me to find him again. We spotted him in the galleries and went to introduce ourselves and say how much we love the show. He was with another member of the cast and they both seemed very appreciative to hear how much we liked the performance. At least I hope they were.

So if you get the chance to go see it, please do. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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