Thursday, May 28, 2009


So. Why do I need to beg, borrow or steal some real luggage?

Because guess where the sweet birthday boy is taking this lucky birthday girl?

Drumroll please....

That's right - C surprised me last week with the news that we are Vegas bound for my birthday weekend!

Now, some of you (cough my mother cough), may be thinking "...this is a surprise?" Let me explain: I had been hoping to go to Vegas for my birthday. Talking about it nonstop didn't reserve a flight nor did it save up money. So nothing was never booked. It was a pipe dream. Pie in the sky. Pie that I realized would remain in the sky, actually, due to not-so-fun things like a car wreck, taxes, scheduling conflicts, take your pick. So with each blip on the radar, the plan got pushed further away from reality. So, around about March, I sort of let Vegas go for this summer.

Until two weeks ago when he started talking about my birthday. He wouldn't tell me what he had planned. I told him that it better not include participating in a canoe trip his buddies are going on that particular weekend. He kept teasing me that a canoe trip is exactly what we were doing for my birthday. Finally, he told me it involved a river, but no canoes.

Further clues only left me more confused. There is a beach there, but it's 4 hours away. If there was a beach within 4 hours of Nashville, trust me I'd have already been there. My guesses were New Orleans, Atlanta, New York or Charleston and maybe, just maybe Vegas.

Finally, last week he confessed what he had up his sleeve, and I am beside myself with anticipation and excitement and gratitude and happiness.

So far, the plans are that we are staying here:
and seeing this:
And he even bought me this so I can help pick out what else I want to do:
C has been to Vegas a few times so I completely trust his judgment on what we should do and see. But in case it somehow hasn't been made abundantly clear, I have never been. So if you have a very strong opinion on something we should do or see, let me know. I already have the Armstrong Family Vegas Spreadsheet, so fantastically detailed that it almost rivals the spreadsheet Eric and I made for L.A. in 2007.

So, we're off to Vegas! Let the countdown begin: 21 days!


  1. you would make a spreadsheet for a vacation!

    I'm not going to lie, I have pretty much no desire to see Vegas, but I'm still excited for you! C's a keeper, I think.

  2. I recommend Olives - it is a restaurant in The Bellagio. Get reservations as early as possible and ask specifically for a table on the deck. The food is ok.. but the deck hangs out over the water where the fountains are. It really is spectacular. Don't eat there if you can't get out on the deck.

    PS - I found your blog through a friend and read it all the time. I love it!

  3. i have seen la reve, and let me tell you it is soooo good. we were in complete awe after it was over.
    i realize we don't know each other but i do jump from blog to blogs. :)

  4. Lofton and I went two years ago and the fountains at night were one of my favorite things. We stayed at the Planet Hollywood and our room faced them.

  5. i love vegas! how fun! so many great shows, food and lots of pretty lights! i liked the blue man group (though they are kind of weird and you may prefer some kind of musical thing instead, i still recommend them) i also thought the roller coaster on top of the New York wahtever that hotel is called, was fun! cant wait to hear about more plans, how long are you going for?

  6. WOOHOOOO!!!!! Y'all are going to have a BLAST! My favorite part was playing penny slots and getting free drinks the whole time (best part about Vegas! :).. so definitely keep that in mind, haha!

    And C probably already knows this, but we'd heard the Treasure Island Pirate Show was good so we made sure to wait in the crowd for forever to have a good view... but it was SO not worth the wait. Lots of more fun things to be doing than waiting to see strippers on a boat!

  7. All of these are great to know!

    Any restaurant suggestions are especially welcome. I want to spread it out from cheap to fancy, and in as many different hotels as possible.

    @Jenn B - Definitely ;)

    @Jennifer and Pughs - Welcome and thanks!

    @Elizabeth - Those fountains are on the very top of my list!

    @Lauren - 4 nights, I think. The original hotel package had a 2-for-1 for a bunch of stuff, including that roller coaster, but we found an even cheaper deal without it.

    @Caylen - tell me more about these penny slots and free drinks... maybe you and D drive up for a night?

  8. I want to see the Cirque show with music from The Beatles. I think it's called love.

  9. Vegas is great, my wife loves it, I merely like it. If you want to go to Olives, go early around 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Get an appetizer and drinks to save $$. It is an expensive place. The fountains at Bellagio are one of my favorite things and it's free. Just walking thru the hotels is a sight to see, you can gamble a little and get a "free" drink. Ceasar's is a must see. It has a shopping plaza that is bigger than the Galleria in the hotel!! Very ornate. New New York is fun I have ridden the roller coaster, it's a good one. Have fun. Send blogs and pics of course. War Eagle, Larry Anderson


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