Thursday, May 07, 2009

STALKED (part 7)

Hmm... it's getting boring around here, isn't it? What should I talk about? My fantastic event last night? My weekend plans? No, that's not exciting enough for you? Okay fine. How about another "TOM" story?!

Yes, just when I thought it was safe... "he's baaaaaack."

I went to get my department's mail from the mailroom on Tuesday. An invoice here, a thank-you note there, what's this? A postcard? How lovely!

"Wonder who this is for," I thought to myself. Then I flipped it over.

Actually, "Tom," when I said not to contact me again, I meant by land, air or sea. At this point I'm just angry. Who does he think he is? I said leave me alone. And furthermore, why are you thinking about me in Texas? Him thinking about me in Tennessee is gross enough. He went all the way to Waco, TX, just to make me mad.

So, I happened to be en route to scan this postcard for your viewing pleasure when I bumped into my company's CEO. He's a very amicable, approachable man, so we started talking and he inquired about my postcard. I told him the entire story, from start to finish. He thought it was pretty funny, as does everyone that hears it, and then he suggested I get firm with "Tom." I told him I would love to, but only with his blessing, since I certainly don't want to hurt a guest's feelings if I can avoid it or muddy our name even to just one person. He said to go for it, so long as I let him know what happens next. Ha.

Here's the thing: "Tom" isn't so much scary to me as he is irritating. It's just become a battle of persistence, and I'm about to win. So, I think I will e-mail "Tom" just once more, this time copying and tell him his latest action was not well-received and once more request that he not contact me in any shape or form. I will call his attention to the fact that I copied Security on our correspondence, and any further action on his part will be handled through their department. Anyone have any better ideas?


  1. OH.MY.GOSH. When I say the title of this post, I thought I was seeing things! I thought you and Tom were done. Tom just took creep to a whole new level!

  2. OMG!!!! He has NOT stopped thinking of you! Yes, this is a WHOLE new level! Wow, I would be just a little worried....he doesn't know where you live or anything....and can't find that out...right!?

  3. Um, Lindsay. That is straight up creepy. "No one said I couldn't send you a post-card"? I think I saw a note like that on CSI one time. I fully support bringing into this.

  4. agreed. dump him again with security's, and your ceo's backing.

  5. WOW. That's about all I can say. But I mean, come one, Linds, who could resist your charm, glamour, voice, etc. ??? I know I can't !!!!!

  6. I just got a mental image of that madTV skit ... "sekkuuur-ity!"

  7. my first thought is to have a friend dress as a cop and pay him a "visit"
    but I think that is illegal...
    and furthermore what if "tom" is an avid gun collector..
    so thats a bad idea
    but I just thought id throw it our there

  8. I would tell the police . This is getting weird.

    I like Jenn's MadTV reference.

  9. Your address isn't easily accessible is it?

  10. I like Natalie's stripper idea. Jennifer "Bon Qui Qui" Bonds made me spit out my coffee.

  11. ewwwww. creepy creepy creepy

  12. HILARIOUS!!!! Such a stalkerish note! Also, did you notice he put the stamp on upside down? Who does that?!


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