Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FEUDY (part 2)

All the guesses were very good and some very funny. But here are the top seven people you should not e-mail while under the influence, according to Family Feud and their super-scientific studies:

1. Boss - a given. And I think coworkers fell under this category.
2. An ex - another given.
3. Parents
4. Spouse/mate

Now those first four came pretty easy, for all of you and those folks on the show. Like I said, they got those and the sixth answer before striking out:

6. Pope/clergy - Minister or Priest fell under this category, and yes, it really did say Pope on the Feud. Does the Pope even have an e-mail address?

So the next family got to guess, and they said coworkers. X. No dice. So what were number five and seven that no one guessed on the show?

5. Police - Wes guessed this correctly yesterday afternoon. Think of what a drunk e-mail to the cops would say: "I'm drunk at home, SUCKAAAAAAAS!"

That leaves one answer. This mysterious body you should not e-mail when drunk?

7. The president.

That's right, you better not go sending the big cheese any e-mails after you've knocked back a few. Is that not the dumbest list ever? Who sends e-mails to the police, the POPE or the president, drunk or not? And for the record, a mere TWO people gave that last answer, so I'm not sure why FF decided to include it in the top seven answers.

And yes the President does have e-mail and here's how I know: when my sister was in middle school, a boy in her class e-mailed the President a threatening note as a joke. Some time later the FBI showed up at his father's office, who all-too-eagerly pointed them toward our school. He got called out of class by the FBI. Can you imagine? Not the smartest move he ever made, I'm sure.


  1. Your mock e-mail to the cops about being drunk at home made my day. Laugh out loud funny. So funny if I think of doing it at the time - I will.

  2. Family Feud puts an answer on the board if it gets at least 2 votes in their poll of 100 people.

  3. First of all, in my haste of sneaking in reading your blog at work, I thought the category was who you shouldn't drunk DIAL, not who you shouldn't drunk EMAIL. With this said, I imagine you were confused when I said people should'nt drunk email 9-1-1. Since when is Family Fued a show that wasn't filmed in the 90's? I honestly didn't know it was still being produced. Where have I been?

  4. I would burn Family Feud down if it gave me that.

    Thanks for the pope's email. I'm emailing him right now.

  5. Travis and I have been debating about whether we should go to Family Feud audtions here in Charlotte. They're taking place this Saturday. All this talk about the shows makes me really want to go through with it.

  6. Just wondering how you are. We all need some pearls from our favorite witty girl!!!!!


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