Monday, March 16, 2009


Look where Allison and I went today! There is a Pinkberry Krave in Green Hills. I had no idea. I got original yogurt with white chocolate chips, strawberries and granola for $3.99. Allison got pomegranate yogurt with chocolate chips. I will be coming here a lot as it warms up/when I find myself in Green Hills.


  1. That looks delicious. Didn't you go see NKOTB last night? Photos and recap, please.

  2. Krave is OLD NEWZ. Green Hills hasn't forgotten about YOU! Pei Wei asks about you all the time!

  3. If it's OLD NEWS how come you haven't told me about it? You know anytime Nashville becomes a little more like L.A. I have to know immediately.

  4. Original with Cap'n Crunch, yogurt chips, and strawberries.

    During the winter time when they have pomegranate seeds, I switch those out with the strawberries.


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