Tuesday, March 24, 2009

STALKED (part 3)

As promised, I have another story about my "stalker" whom we will heretoafter refer to as Tom*. Very much not his name, but that's what we're calling him. I can't believe I haven't posted this until now but I guess I just forgot.

So two Fridays ago, I am prepping for my event. I kid you not that just that very day I had thought to myself that I guess "Tom" has gone away. Maybe he took the hint.

I was rounding the corner of the building, and to what should my wondering eyes should appear? "Tom" of course, head to toe in camo, coming toward me like a freight train with the grin of a cheshire cat. Oh dear God. It was too late to turn away.

"'Tom!'" I faked surprise. "What are you doing here?"

He explained that he was sorry for the outfit but had been selling lumber all day because he needed the money, ha ha. I faked a laugh and bid him good luck with that, and unfortunately I have to run because as you can see there is an event going on tonight and I have to help my client. I tried to escape but he wasn't having it. He handed me this:
Yes, that is a million-dollar bill with his mug in the middle that he made himself (check out those chompers). He made sure to point out his phone number was on the front AND the back, and he didn't want to call me at work because he knew I was so busy but that's how to reach him. I said yes, terrible busy - just like I am right now! See you later! And skipped away.

Now - here's the creepster part. Later that night, I was chatting with security and some other folks, and they told me he'd been there at least twice before asking for me. Once was at night during an event (not mine so I wasn't there) and another time during the day when they told him I was in a meeting. And that day when he showed up in camo, he had asked a volunteer where I was an the volunteer literally pointed him in my direction!

I think it's time I send him an e-mail and tell him while I appreciate his friendship, I can't take visitors at work so please stop coming by. Thoughts?


  1. Um, YES it is time to tell him to take a hike! And also alert the security that they should escort him off the premises if he shows up again. That is so weird!

  2. Yeah, I totally agree with Jennie. Although you may feel bad/guilty, he obviously knows no boundaries, and that is a little frightening to me. Put an end to it, I'm getting scared :)

  3. that is so WEIRD. it's probably innocent, and maybe I watch too much Law & Order, but that would freak me out!

  4. Is he going to show up at your front door next?? Time to put this to an end! Im starting to get scared.

  5. My thought: yikes. Tell the security guys to keep a better eye on this fella. Do they let just anybody wander around in there?

  6. Maybe you should consider him. His very creative business card does say "ONE IN A MILLION"! Haha. I'd be weirded out for sure.

  7. That million dollar bill is one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen. It has his number on it too??? You can't make stuff like this.

    Why must he dress like the product he sells?

  8. HA!! i love the "Hava million $ grin" on the bill. hysterical. i am all in for a nice email asking for no work visitors (tell him even your man cant come visit you during the day -maybe he will get that you are taken and not looking for an old guy with a full set of falsies) and most definintally ask security to keep their eyes peeled.

  9. As funny as this is, I'm starting to get a little worried for you.

  10. Oh yes...definitely time to define the boundaries...as clearly as possible!

    Though, Tom* makes for some great posts!!

  11. he probbaly reads this blog and is getting fueled by all the post attention he is receiving - so either way he's already anticipating the email - send it!


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