Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Man. That was a tough run yesterday. I was mentally there: I took my ibuprofen, iPod was charged, playlist was updated, snack was eaten. But one mile in there is this HUGE hill. Looking back I probably should have saved my energy and not ran the whole thing. Actually I'm not sure if it would have done a ton of good. Oh well.

I took a few walksies (my term for when I have to stop and walk) but finished pretty strong for my first time out in a while, or so I thought. I love running greenways. Nashville has several, if you're interested. So pretty. But tough.

My goal is to get back up to at least 10 miles a week. I am training for a different purpose. Last year it was for distance, so I'd do 3-4 miles one day then 8 or 9 another day. Eventually, the shorter runs got hard because my body started warming up slower/conserving energy in anticipation for more mileage. This spring, I want to build endurance to knock back 3 miles with no trouble, with 5 or 6 miles being a hard run; or in non-runner speak, I want my body to be wired so the shorter runs will be a breeze (kind of a stretch in summer heat) and the longer ones will be the exception. Also, when the 3-4 milers got easy is when the weight started coming off last year, so that's also part of this year's plan.

Unfortunately, the nice weather is already gone. Today it's rainy and gross and there's a chance of snow tomorrow. I stopped and got a fountain Dr. Pepper on my way back from lunch as a treat. Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. Unless my knee starts hurting again, I'm running my first half this weekend (Tom King Classic). Don't you worry - I'll be rocking the walksies.

  2. Good luck. I could really use some Dr. Pepper.

  3. I was just wondering yesterday, as I told myself "I'm going to start walking for an hour every day" (too lazy to run)if you were still doing all that running. So proud that you are!


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