Thursday, March 05, 2009

RICH, part 2

Tuesday evening, I came home fully expecting the best part of my night to consist of watching American Idol. Little did I know what was waiting in my mailbox. I had a big old envelope from Neilsen. You may remember they sent me some cash and survey back in January. I filled it out and sent it back, thinking it was the least I could do since, after all, they had paid me.

So I open up this big envelope and the first thing that tumbles out? $30. A $20 and a $10. Neilsen, are you MADE of money? You must be if you're sending wads of it all over the country hoping people will fill out your TV diary. I immediately put the money in my purse. I don't mind filling out a TV diary. I only watch four channels so it shouldn't be too hard: NBC in the morning, one of the big four in the evening. Pretty easy $30, if you ask me. How long do I have to wait until I am eligible for them to randomly pick me again?

I already spent some of my fortune. I decided to share the wealth with C and paid for our tickets to see Slumdog Millionaire last night, which by the way is a great movie, if you are the last person on earth who hasn't seen it.

And speaking of great things to watch - Ricky Braddy tonight on American Idol. He can't seem to catch a break on this show but I promise you if he doesn't make it into the Top 12 via WildCard, it won't be because he didn't sing his heart out. Tune in tonight and see if I'm wrong.

And speaking of wrong... Tatiana? SERIOUSLY?


  1. Tatiana = rough, but personally I was awfully surprised by how much the judges LOOOVED ju'not's 'delilah' performance, which to me was totally mediocre. I heart Jorge'

  2. I want a survey. There's not a lot I wouldn't do for 30 bucks. Please put good scripted shows on there even if you don't watch them.

    Jenn, you better not let your husband hear you say those kinds of things about Tat.

  3. What do you expect? Neither of my lovers likes the other. You should hear what Tatiana says about Jenn.

  4. There is no excuse for the Tatiana pick. I don't love to hate her, I just hate her.

    Yay than Anoop is back.

    Boo that Alex is not. Heart him.


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