Sunday, March 15, 2009


*Did you watch SNL last night? I am watching it right now on Tivo and don't think for one second I didn't recognize John Cena in the opening monologue. Did you?

*Confession: I stole bacon this weekend... from a toddler.... TWICE. I could eat bacon ALL. DAY. LONG. If I could marry a meat, it would be chicken; but I would have a crazy fling with some BACON. It's just so good. Yum.

*Speaking of babies, one is on the way! I wish I could be in Memphis right now but I can't because...

*Allison is here! Well, not just yet but she is on her way. I am off work tomorrow so we can go play and then tomorrow night, we have a date with these lovely gentlemen. It is going to be amazing. Who knows, there may even be some impromptu tap dancing.

*St. Patrick's Day parties are fun! C and I went to one on Saturday night and had a blast. I love that the host provided festive gear for everyone:
*Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait until our currency is useless, and we literally have to bring home the bacon. That day can't come soon enough.

  2. OK -- This blog statement #2 sounds like YOU are pregnant--please clarify that KATIE's baby is on the way--and is here by now!
    MOM J

  3. cute picture; c looks like a lucky leprechaun :)

  4. Hey Lindsay's mom!

    Lindsay, I think it's time you tell her our secret.

  5. AGGGGGHHHHH Don't even joke that way! It isn't even April Fools yet!
    MOM J


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