Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend I had the privilege of helping C with one of his pride and joys -- an annual collegiate rugby tournament he directs each March. 2000 people. 80+ teams. 8 fields. 2 days.

I have tried to be very patient and supportive the past few weeks as lots of his time went towards this project. Turns out, that was easy to do once I started to see how much pride he takes in this tournament and how much he loves it, despite the stress and responsibility and massive phone bill each March. It's a HUGE undertaking that he and his teammates have put on every year (this was the 28th year). I got to see it all come together firsthand and learned so much, not only about rugby, but about C.

We watched the weather all week, trying not to let the rainy forecast ruin our spirits. I got there at about 8 am on Saturday. I sold merchandise all day, which was fun, because C happened to have designed it all... yet another skill of his. It warmed up some that afternoon and everyone was really enjoying themselves. The first day ends with a big on-site social, and that's exactly when the rain came. But the rain didn't stop the partying. It was close to what I imagine Woodstock looked like, except we had no music and drugs. The kids stayed until 8 pm when we had to literally shoo them away and encourage them to keep the party going downtown.

The late rain + 2000 people walking around in it = a very muddy Sunday. I sold shirts again and did my best to stay warm, since it was low 40s and windy. I had on 2 t-shirts, a fleece hoodie, one of C's sweatshirts and my rain jacket. Eventually, after the trophies had been handed out and the teams had departed, it was time to clean up and break down. Some of the girlfriends/female volunteers had headed home for a shower and a nap. Meanwhile, I was out there with the men and a few of the women's team members, picking up trash like a convict, hauling tables and chairs... in my pearls, of course, and never breaking a sweat.

Finally everything had been loaded up, put away in the storage shed and it was time to celebrate. We met up with about 25 other people for the post-celebration until we decided that we really wanted a hot dessert. Chili's famous Molten Lava Cake more than did the trick. All in all, a great weekend.

Here we are afterward at the celebration... feeling as tired as we look, and no, I'm not holding him up, and why does my head look so big?
C was the first to get there and the last to leave, both days. But as I told him, I love how even if he wasn't the one in charge, that would still have been the case. That's just the way he rolls. So selfless, such a trooper. He is the hardest working person I know.
Pictured above: the greatest guy in Nashville, braving the cold while enjoying a fresh Coke from Mickey D's. Way to go, C! I am so, so, so proud of you.

P.S.: I forgot to mention that dating the tournament director comes with some perks, including but not limited to: free food, free T-shirts and one of two free tickets to hear some band named Coldplay this summer. Which means the two tickets I'd already secretly bought for C for his birthday are for sale.


  1. There you go getting all lovey-dovey on your blog.

  2. Get over it - it wasn't that bad and he really deserves some praise.

    Go reread your birthday post if your feelings are hurt :)


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