Monday, March 02, 2009


As I mentioned, I made my first trip to the Opry this weekend. It's funny how living in a city where there is so many different cultural experiences to be had, I seldomly take them in. Restaurants, music, etc. I need to get out more.

So this weekend was my first foray into the tradition known as the Opry. The show is in four segments. Each segment has a "host" - first up was Little Jimmy Dickens, then Marty Stuart led a segment, then Bill Andersen then Ricky Skaggs. Jack Black was in Ricky Skaggs's session. Jack's father-in-law is a great jazz musician who just released a friends and family bluegrass album. He invited Jack to come perform the song he sang on the album - "Old Joe Clark." What a nut. He bounced all over the stage.

Photos © Taylor Hill
I was kind of spellbound by the whole show - this thing has been going on since 1925. It's just so cool that it's still going strong. While the musicians that performed weren't people I would pay to go see by themselves, it was amazing to hear all that different music by such talented people in that legendary place. If you are a Nashvillian and you haven't ever been, you should go!


  1. we might be using your pics on our you need to sign a form or something...please dont sue us....i owe you for helping me earlier!

  2. Ricky Skaggs was missing cause he was in Tallahassee for FSU's 7 Days of Opening nights! He was awesome:)

  3. That is pretty sweet. I can't believe you got to see Jack Black. I also can't believe that you haven't been already; however, I totally understand. There are places I've never been to LA just because I know it'll be there next weekend.

    Did you take the pictures? How close were your seats?

  4. I did not. My friend Taylor did. Our seats were row P!


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