Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of the things I enjoyed about this weekend was getting to spend some time with more of C's buddies. But you know how it is: for every buddy, there is always one hanger-on that is not really a buddy at all, that leaves everyone scratching their head and wondering who invited that guy?!

While everyone was loading the truck, this guy was handing out his business card, offering free golf lessons to us all. He told me he normally charged $100/hour but would give me a lesson for free. I just politely took his card and moved on to another task.

Later on, when the truck was being unloaded, he sauntered up to me and - I'm not joking - asked me if I was still cheering for the Tennessee Titans, or if I'd quit. I think I laughed so hard, it could be called a guffaw. I guffawed and told him no, I never had cheered for the Titans and maybe he had me mixed up with another one of C's girlfriends. He told me I sure did have some pretty eyes, and walked away.

Remember that after the truck was unloaded, we went to a bar to celebrate with everyone. While were were there, I found out that not only had this guy asked me if I still cheered, but he asked not one other girl... not two other girls... not three other girls... not four other girls... but FIVE OTHER GIRLS - WITHIN TWO HOURS - if we still cheered for the Titans. That's six girls total. In two hours. All at the same bar. Which was not that big.


A lesson to all you men out there, creepy or not: girls talk. And then we guffaw. And if the best pick up line you can use is asking the girl if she cheered for the Titans, e-mail me and I'll give you a new one that someone tried on Allison before the NKOTB concert and I am too much of a lady to repeat here.

PS - He also suggested C organize a rugby tournament at Bonnaroo, and mentioned he is also a masseuse and a musician as well as a golf pro.


  1. Why you gotta blow up his spot?

    I'm happy I learned a new word today. Guffaw sounds a lot like those words that you make up in Lexulous.

  2. ...or a lot like the phrases you make up. Like "blow up his spot"??? Thanks, California.

  3. That is amazing. What a goon. His 'professions' only make him sound desperate!

  4. what is it with you attracting all these freakazoids????? hahaha. I love you!! I know I need to see you sooner than your birthday. We're in chattown for Easter. ??? When will it happen?


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