Thursday, March 12, 2009


This birthday post is a very special one for a very special girl. It is my absolute pride to get to tell you about one of my best friends in the whole wide world. Kathryn dear, this one's for you.
I met Kathryn sometime back in kindergarten. Growing up we were... how shall I put it... NOT friends. We just had different groups of friends. Not to mention that I spent the majority of my childhood jealous of Kathryn and her adorable dimples and long ponytail.

Things really got out of hand in junior high when we were on the same cheerleading squad. I was the captain our eighth grade year, and a bad one at that, but I had good intentions. Kathryn did not. There were more than a few mild sabotoge attempts. And to make matters worse, we liked the same boy and of course he went after Kathryn. I remember having to mask my pure glee the day I came back to school from an orthodontist appointment and Kathryn met me at my locker to inform me that they had broken up and I could be the one to decorate his locker on gamedays now.

For her 23rd birthday, I finally gave Kathryn the spirit stick our squad won in eighth grade. It's hanging over her mantle to this day.

Our freshman year, we found ourselves in the same English class and with boyfriends who were both on the golf team. The English teacher was also the golf coach, as it were, so occasionally the three of us would talk golf. Around the same time, cheerleading tryouts came back around and we were both made the same squad for our tenth grade year. That and golf got us talking more and more during class and even though golf boy and I broke up, mine and Kathryn's friendship remained.
Senior year cheerleading - so much fun!

Tenth grade was fun but the really good times started the next year when we were Varsity cheerleaders together. What a fun bunch. Kathryn and I were in the same stunt group so we got close in more ways than one. I have LITERALLY been supporting you for a full decade now, Kathryn!
One door closes, another opens

We graduated and went separate ways but remained close. I remember the trip home when I brought my new boyfriend and we went out to eat with Kathryn, and she was telling me about her love life woes. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing, and in this case, it was definitely true. Within no time, Michael came along, and after meeting him and getting to know him, I knew he was the one for little Miss Kathryn.
She's engaged!

Knowing such, I made her promise me that when Michael finally asked her to marry him, she would call me no matter what day or time. So when my phone rang one Friday night at midnight during my last semester at Auburn, and the caller ID said Kathryn, I knew what she was calling to tell me. Her wedding was so special and it was a joy to be in it.
Catching up over coffee this past December

The same promise extended to when the time came to tell me the stork would be visiting her house. So, once again, when my phone rang twice on a rainy Thursday night this past November, and the caller ID said Kathryn, I knew what she was going to say.

At Katie's wedding - June 2005

Kathryn - and anyone who knows her will agree with me - is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet (unless you met her in junior high). She has SUCH a good heart. She wants to do good and be good and wants good things for others. She is also a very compassionate person. When I moved home to Birmingham from college and life was tough, Kathryn was such a compassionate friend to me, making time to hang out in between planning her wedding and helping with her sister's wedding and job hunting and family issues and everything else she had going on. Kathryn has had to persevere through so much. She is definitely one of the bravest and strongest people I've known, ever.
Kathryn & Mike's rehearsal dinner - May 2006

Sweet friend - "I just want you to know... that I love you!" I can't imagine what life would be like without your friendship. It has been nothing short of a privilege to be your friend the past 11 years. When I moved away I was so scared I would lose touch with a few people, chiefly you, and while we don't talk every day, I know that I can call you up at a moment's notice about anything and to me, that means nothing has changed. Highs, lows, tears, laughter - you've been there for me through it all and I hope you know how grateful I am for every minute, every call, every time. I think I knew I had found a true friend in you our sophomore year, when you let me spend the night at your house while my "boyfriend" was at the junior-senior prom social. Anyone who would patiently listen to me gush about a boy that even didn't take me to the prom and not slap me until her hand hurt is definitely a friend worth keeping. I am so thrilled for all the good things happening in your life - particularly little baby Katelyn. You deserve a lifetime of happiness and I hope if there is ever a way I can contribute to that, you will call on me. I love you so much!


  1. Very sweet...I so dread having junior high girls.... Surely MY sweet darlings will be kind to all and never be picked on. haha!

  2. No kidding... I was cleaning yesterday and I opened up a box and low and be hold... There it was... The SPIRIT STICK... It had this glow around it... Just made me think of you... I love you and I agree I wish I could see you more... Talk to ya soon... Love ya girl


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