Monday, March 23, 2009


If you are looking for a hamburger update, scroll to the bottom of the hamburger post.

If you are looking for another story about my stalker, come back tomorrow.

If you are looking for me, check under the mountain of paperwork at my desk!

While I am navigating what is arguably my busiest day so far on the job (time FLIES when you are moving this fast!) let me tell you a little about my perfect day yesterday:

Sleep til 11? Check. Quite a feat for me these days believe it or not.

Enjoy the lovely weather? Check. I sat outside on my crazy creek chair and read a book/served as a puppy headrest - meet Pete! Can't you just hear him begging me to pay attention to him? Put together a meal dictated not so much by recipes but by the weather/what I was craving? Check. We had pork tenderloin, butter beans and fresh grilled corn on the cob - I know, right? How good does that sound? It was great. I made the marinade from scratch, C handled the grilling and I put enough butter and sour cream in the butter beans until they tasted good. Success. I guess if you push the bird out of the nest, she will learn to fly. AKA, once again, I'm declaring it's time I learn to cook.

Watch Mamma Mia? Check.

Hope everyone's weekend was as lovely, weather is as gorgeous and day is as productive as mine.


  1. Hooray that sounds ideal! Did you get a dog?

  2. No. Pete is one of C's three crazy doggies.

  3. Does Pete have his daddy's phone?


Oh goody!

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