Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Y'all! The New Kids On the Block were AMAZING!!!!

Allison and I had a fun day Monday running around town, eating yogurt, shopping and thinking of catchy things to write on our T-shirts and posters.

In keeping with our tradition before concerts, we went and ate at a Mexican restaurant before the show. We strolled up Broadway before heading into the Sommet and taking our seats.

The New Kids didn't go on until past 8:30 so there was a lot of people watching. I have NEVER seen so many women in one place in my entire life. It was crazy. And when the lights went down, people went NUTS. That was some intense screaming. It was just like 1990 all over again.

The show was so great - high energy, high notes, it was like nothing had changed except the hair. They did six classic songs right off the bat - "Call it What You Want," "Favorite Girl," "Right Stuff," "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time", "Valentine Girl," "Please Don't Go Girl," and then a new one "Grown Man" and the hit "Games."

Then they moved back to the back of the arena and sang some new and old songs around the piano like "Single," "Tonight" and some new ones. They came back up front and did some solos. Jordan did "Baby I Believe In You" and his solo single "Give It To You." Then Joey did a song I'd never heard and Donnie got to do "Cover Girl" all by himself.

Then they all came out and did "I'll Be Loving You Forever" in lovely white attire and their new song "Click Click Click" which was catchy. They concluded with "Summertime" and went off stage. Just like we did in 1990, the audience screamed so loudly and the boys came back! They did an awesome, rowdy "Step by Step" and then left again. So we screamed again and sure enough, they came out in orange jerseys for "Hangin' Tough."

If you were a NKOTB fan and they are coming to/near your city, you HAVE to go! Tickets were not that expensive and it is so much fun. I haven't screamed that much at a concert EVER. Not even at JT.

And now, the pictures and videos!

Allison gets her bleach on

Me hard at work on my I♥JM shirt

Final product, en route to the show

Nice, right?

So excited/notice Allison's bleach work on her shirt


Opening with "Call it What You Want" (my favorite NKOTB song)

Jordan at the mic

Little Joey Mac sings the bridge for "Call It What You Want"

The best video ever - the boys do their signature dance to "Right Stuff"

Joey hits his knees for "Please Don't Go Girl"

In the round at the back of the auditorium

Allison and NKOTB

Lindsay and NKOTB

Hey Donnie! Wonder if he saw our posters.

This one is for my sister - Shirtless Jordan, "Baby I Believe In You"

"I'll Be Loving You Forever"

"Step By Step" in silver jackets

We love NKOTB!

Second goodbye

Back for one more song

"Hangin' TOUGH!"

Allison is hangin' tough

Lindsay is hangin' tough

Now we are both hangin' tough!

Just dancing

Goodbye right side!

Saying goodnight

The end


  1. Yay, yay, yay!!! I am so glad you got to go ... and I am so jealous! I want to go back and see them again. SO fun :-)

  2. this is pretty much the most amazing thing I have seen all week.

  3. This cracks me up! I've held on to my NKOTB CD forever (granted I was in high school their first go round while you were what...in elementary?) and just been a closet old fan. I feel freedom in this blog. Freeeeeeeeeeeedom! :)

  4. p.s. lindsay, is that you singing in the background of hanging tough?? yeah, i just called you out. ha ha ha. i love the post so much i had to read it one more time and show it to comer before going to bed...hence why you are getting a second comment.

  5. You're a better singer than what I heard on the video... just sayin


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