Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Wendy's - you have met your match.

Today I had some errands to run during lunch. I had to be back at work for a site visit at 1 pm, so I needed a quick lunch. I had chicken and turkey yesterday so I really wanted some beef. A hamburger. Wendy's to the rescue.

I wait for 10 minutes, clearly speak my order into the box, enunciating just to be safe (you do it too), pay for my lunch and zoom back to work.

I get to my desk and dive into my bag. I am unwrapping the burger when I see it: the tiniest sliver of cheese hanging off my burger. Oh. No. They. Didn't.

It's no secret that I will eat cheese with anything, anywhere, anytime, any kind. Except one: hot cheese on a hamburger. Gross. Shudder. Ick. And now Wendy's has RUINED my lunch by putting cheese - AND MUSTARD, I just noticed - on my hamburgers. Even though I clearly said two junior hamburgers, ketchup only.

I am livid! Should I pick it off like I always do? No. Throw it away? No. I'll tell you what I am doing. I am so angry about this that when I get off work today, I am taking these hours-old CHEESEburgers back to Wendy's and making them give me my $2 back. It's the principle of the thing. Their cashier had a button on that said No Problem. Well, turns out it IS a problem, because my lunch is screwed up and I am still hungry. How else are they supposed to learn? This has happened to me one too many times, Wendy's. Normally I pick it off, suffer through the mustard, angry at myself though not sure why I am at fault. But not today. Get ready, Wendy's on 21st. I'll see you at 5.

PS - Just to prove there is more to me than vengeance, look at this:
I picked that up yesterday from Michael's and put it on the new baby's front door. Doesn't it look pretty? Here's the best part - I paid for the bow, and I got a lesson for free! As my new BFF Judy was making it, she was showing me how she was doing it and telling me all the secrets. So the next bow (cough Kathryn) will be handmade.

Know what will also be handmade? My two correct burgers from Wendy's that I am going to get later today. Stay tuned and I'll update with what happens.

**Update: That was the least exciting exchange ever. Obviously, it was not the first time someone had saved her burgers all afternoon to bring them back in. I was in and out in three minutes with new burgers.


  1. Ha - this has happened to us so many times at the Wendys here that I refuse to drive off until I have checked everything in the bag to make sure it's right. I don't think they've ever gotten an order 100% correct on the first try.

  2. just make sure you dont do this when you go back tonight......thanks....

  3. I had the same thing for lunch today! I ate in the restaurant so I did not have the same problem. Recently at Taco Bell, after repeating my order 3 times and sitting at the box for 10 minutes until I heard, "pull forward" I decided I would check my order right there at the window instead off driving off first. "Shaniqua" did not like me taking up space at her window and she told me to pull forward if I wanted to check my order. I looked in my rear view mirror and told her there was no one behind me and that I would only be a sec and she proceeded to slam the window in my face:) In return, I found a parking place and had a little chit chat with the manager and let them know about her rude behaivor. Whether it's Taco Bell or a fancy restaurant...there's no need for bad service!!! I'm not allowed to be mean at work...even though there are PLENTY of times when I want to be!

    Im sorry your lunch was ruined...that really stinks!

  4. You should take it back. You don't like cheese on burgers? Who are you?

    I would be afraid that they would make me so mad if I took it back that I wouldn't eat there again. Therefore, I would never taste the deliciousness of a Frosty again. I'm boycotting the Fosselman's Ice Cream and the Subway across from my work for shopping at the jerk store.

  5. there is nothing worse than suffering through a hamburger with mustard on it (I can live with cheese). and I always look forward to a hamburger, which makes it especially disappointing!

  6. What is their deal? It is always so hit and miss with Wendy's. They are my favorite fast food place, BUT when they mess up, it infuriates me!

    What you need to do is pull a Clay Dudley: get on their website and submit a formal complaint. We ALWAYS do this when we are not satisfied with restaurants. Most of the time, we get some sort of gift certificate or coupon for submitting the claim. Go for it and let me know if it works!!!

  7. How come you had the guts to go back to Wendy's with stale burgers and exchange them, but when you got limp french fries at the Titans game you had to get me to do the dirty work?! Outrageous.

  8. Because the story was much funnier that way. Admit it.

    Should we start a clas action law suit here? Sounds like this happens more often than not.


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