Wednesday, February 18, 2009

STALKED (part 2)

Great. Just great. He called. I let my guard down for one second and look what happens.

I told him I was racing out the door to an 11:30 meeting. He said he'd call back some other time. I told him to have a good afternoon.


  1. Lindsay! Never let your guard down. That's what stalkers want! Get back to screening your calls and you might want to have a sketch artist draw pictures of Frank and your friend with the wine for the security people in your building.

  2. Don't take this the wrong way, but why can't you tell him to stop calling? Would it burn bridges or anything? I'd just be honest. :-)

  3. It wouldn't "burn bridges" it would just be ruder than I need to be. Hopefully the more I screen him, he'll get the hint :)

  4. O.

    via e-mail:

    "Hi Lindsay. I talked very briefly, by phone, with you ,a few minutes ago, then I decided to send an email, which will give you my email adress, Like yourself,I stay pretty busy. I will call you again soon,however, if you are too busy to talk, thats ok. I certainly do not want to interfere with your work. I will stop by when I'm in the area. By the way, speaking of work, I gotta get out of here,start shakin my booty, and go drum up some business. I will be in touch, bye for now."


  5. lets be honest. the relationship would never work. look at all those poor overused commas.

    just trying to look out for ya...

  6. Oh. My goodness! I don't think he's quite as busy as he would like us to think!

  7. just give him this link:

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