Monday, February 02, 2009


I had a great trip to Birmingham this weekend. Despite feeling under the weather with a cold, I got to visit with a lot of people and helped throw a fabulous baby shower for the sweet baby Futrell (and her mama). I think Katie and Matt got just about everything they need... all that's missing now is the baby! I even got to feel her wiggling a little bit in Katie's tummy! I think she knew we were having a party for her. I was really excited that Kathryn was there too. It was the first time I have seen her since she is starting to show and I can't wait until I can feel her baby wiggling around too! Look at their cute little tummies! What beautiful friends I have and what a fun season of life this is.

Unfortunately, come Sunday morning, rather witness my mom's debut in the church choir as planned, we were both in bed: her with a vicious stomach bug* and me with my cold and cough. I decided to take my germs elsewhere and after lunch at the Dudleys, I headed back to Tennessee just in time for a walk, the Superbowl, a bowl of ice cream and the Office.

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

*Update: turns out Mom's "vicious stomach bug" was straight up FOOD POISONING! I am so glad I didn't eat the pasta salad. It looked right up my alley (feta cheese and all) but for some reason I just didn't touch it. Word to the wise: when throwing a baby shower, try not to kill the 7-months-pregnant guest of honor, her husband, her mother, her sisters, her sister's in-laws, her aunt, and heaven only knows how many of the guests with pasta salad tossed in pure evil.

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  1. what a sweet post. thank you, friend. it was a lovely party :)


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