Saturday, February 07, 2009


I just read on Facebook that Coach Walker passed away yesterday.

If you went to my high school and didn't have Coach Walker, you were missing out. I had him for math for two years. His class was my least favorite (math!) but at the same time, one of my favorites because he was such a sweet sweet man. Not to mention hilarious.

This was Coach Walker's teaching philosophy: "I tell you one thing, if you learn it by yourself, if you have to get down and dig for it, it never leaves you. It stays there as long as you live because you had to dig it out of the mud before you learned what it was." --Aunt Adie

I wouldn't go so far as to say much of any of the math I learned in his class is still with me today, but his gentleness, humor, and kind spirit are. He was a true friend to his students. Gosh. What sad, sad news. If I didn't have an event Monday and Tuesday nights, I would be driving to Birmingham to attend this man's funeral. Someone go for me.

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