Friday, February 27, 2009


This has been such an adventurous week. Even though I have felt so crummy and tired, I have done three things I have never done before: 1. Monday night WWE 2. Regular season Preds game and 3. tomorrow night, the Grand Ole Opry!

Now some of you may not have read my account of my very first Preds game. Even if you did, go read it again, because the last thing I said was "Who knows, I might just go to a NASCAR race or wrestling match next!" Careful what you wish for, I guess.

Anyway, so yesterday at about 4:30, C let me know his boss was all hockied out for the week and passed his great tickets along to him. Hooray!

We got to the arena just in time to get drinks and hot dogs before the puck dropped. It was college night, and since I still not only have but carry around my student ID, I got our beers half price. (Note: This only works because I got an ID made the week before graduation, so it's not too old. I had the very same student ID all the way from CWE [June 2001] to December 2005 and was so proud I kept it especially since it got a lot of wear and tear as our IDs were also dorm keys and I lived in the dorm for 4 years. Poor thing, it broke with only one week to go. I also still use it to get student price movie tickets and until they started recognizing me, discounts at Otter's.)

We got in our seats which were great - only about ten rows back or so - and enjoyed the first period. Once again, I was very distracted by all the noise and colors and lights so the first period flew by.

For entertainment, they brought these two saps out and made them run around the ice dressed as giant hockey pucks. They had to run down, shoot a goal, run back and kick a ball into the net. They looked so goofy, especially when one bumped the other and they both fell down.
The rest of the game was fun and entertaining: someone got hit in the head with a puck and the Preds were only one goal away from getting us the free frosties that the fans were rooting for (Wendy's gives free frosties if they score 5 goals).

All in all, a great night. Next up: my first trip to the Opry! Have a great weekend.

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  1. I am so jealous. That's it. Travis and I are making a date to go to a Checkers game.


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