Monday, February 23, 2009


What a weekend. I'm still kind of reveling in how great it was. While I revel, let me tell you a funny story.

Saturday night, after a long day, C and I put on our dancing shoes and met up with some pals. While we were out, I was doing a little people watching and happened to notice a small black package on the floor. It looked like a business card holder. Intrigued, I went over to pick it up.

"Eeeek!" I shrieked and showed it to C. "It's birth control!"

We looked for a name. There it was in black and white. I started to yell it a little bit. "Allison P******! Come get your birth control!"

Then, overcome by evil genius or unbridled comedy, C said "What if we gave this to the band and they made her come get it?" Of course I thought that would be hysterical, so back to the dance floor we went.

C was waiting for a break in between songs, and when one happened to come along, just as he was making his way to the stage, the band played the opening notes of "Let's Get it On." Seeing what C was holding, the lead singer made a big show of cutting off the band so he could take a closer look. He announced that he was shocked that someone actually handed him some birth control at the same time he was about to sing that song, but unfortunately for us, he didn't do a PA for Miss Allison to come get her stash. But how funny would that have been? I guess we'll never know.

More on the weekend coming up later!

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  1. Speaking of "getting it on" haven't heard you say much about the country music half this year. Surely you aren't "one and done"!!!

    Larry Anderson


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