Thursday, February 05, 2009


What is it about me and liquor store workers? I had one guy once tell me that I didn't need to show my ID anymore because he'd never forget my face, or something to that effect... and then last night.

Let me back up. Our performance reviews are today. My department is fun and laid-back so people bring "gifts" for their performance reviews to put the boss ladies in a good mood. Breakfast, donuts, cake, candy, etc. So last night I drove to the liquor store closest to my apartment to buy my bosses a tiny little bottle of their favorite spirit.

I was walking around making sure there wasn't an appropriate wine I should get instead. You know how sometimes wine has funny names like Woop Woop or Little Black Dress? I wanted to see if there was one called "A+" or "Give Me a Raise" or something to that degree. I found one called Director's Cut, which would have worked if it hadn't cost so much. I didn't see anything else so I went to the register to pick up some minis.

"Whatcha looking for?" the guy behind the other cash register shouted to me.

"Oh, just browsing for a gift."

"Really? Whatcha buying me?" he replied.

"Well, if you were one of my bosses, I'd be buying you a small treat since tomorrow is my performance review."

He came over to me and asked where I worked. I told him and he took me all the way across the store to show me a handle of something that he thought tasted pretty good. I told him I was on a budget, but thanks, and it would be minis only tonight.

When we got back to the register so I could choose the bottles, he bet all his chips. "Tell you what... you come in here tomorrow with a good review, and I'll buy you a bottle of wine."

I kind of laughed and backed away at the same time. "Oh wow. That's funny."

"I'm serious. You come back in here and tell me how you did and I'll buy you a bottle of wine."

Laugh giggle stammer. "It's a deal." What was I supposed to say? You and your haircut are incredibly creepy?

Bottles in hand, we walked back to his cash register. To my surprise and then to my chagrin, he told me that "because he liked me" he was giving me a discount. Discounts are nice but I sure didn't want to owe him anything. And then the icing on the cake: as he was handing me back my debit card, he slipped a business card in there with his name (Dusty) and cell number scrawled on the back. "I mean it now; you call me and tell me how that review goes." I just sputtered and thanked my way out the door.

Blast. Obviously, I cannot go back there now because OBVIOUSLY, I am not going to call Dusty and tell him jack squat about my review. I kind of wish I hadn't even told him where I worked. I do love a free bottle of wine but even I know when to draw the line.


  1. Hilarious. Time to find a new store and maybe a new job. Hope he doesn't start wandering the hall of your job looking for you.

  2. Ooohh, Lindsay! Attracting all the hotties, I see. Free wine + Crazy stalker < No wine + Safety.

  3. the Hall of Fame is a pretty big place, right? and strangers with weird haircuts aren't allowed where you work, right?

  4. if you go missing, star, erin, jennifer and myself will know where to look!

    i will buy you a bottle to stay away!!!

  5. I got a great review. Someone better buy me a bottle of wine!


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