Monday, February 09, 2009


Guess what day it is? Today is Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Day here at work. One of my coworkers is a Den Mother? Troop Leader? Whatever you call it, that's her. Which means she's got a village supply of cookies spilling out of her office right now.

After collecting my single lone box of Thin Mints, I couldn't help but think about what is, perhaps, the second best movie of all time (after Home Alone of course): Troop Beverly Hills.
Yes, Phyllis, Velda and the gang provided loads of laughs not only when I was small, but came back around full-force when I was in high school. Something about this movie drew my cheerleading squad and me in like a moth to a flame. Maybe because we had a real-life Velda of our own.

If you haven't seen it, please add to your queue. It's so funny.

"Now Deddy: shake damaaan's haaaand and lussbe own ah way."


  1. My best friend LOVES this movie. I think because she was a girl scout. Or because it's hilarious. Either way, good job for promoting it.

  2. its a fav or mine too...i am slightly dissappointed though. only ONE measly box of cookies?? this time only comes around once a year. you must stock up. then freeze.

  3. I was waiting for someone to question that. Just one box this year.

    "Let's start with Marvista! How many boxes will you take, Marvista?"
    "How many? I can't hear you, Marvista!"
    "Uh, forty-two?"

  4. "patches... we don't need know stinkin patches"

    Mary Lauren McBride's fav quote-

    Lindsay, i still watch this movie!!!

    "Hannah... Look at me, I'm your mother... follow me girls... fabulous... fabulous"

  5. "My GOD darling, what is THIS?"
    "It's my Wilderness Girl uniform, what can you do with it?"
    "You mean besides BURN it?"

  6. "I was in labor with you for SEVEEENTEEEEEN HOURS"

  7. "Do you know the muffler man?"

  8. Annie Herman! Boi-oi-oing!

  9. You little slut. Your next stop is K-mart!

  10. -"You call this roughing it?"
    -"One bathroom for nine people? Yes!"

  11. He permed me!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I can't believe no one has said it yet:

    "Screw you, Velda!"

  13. Look what I found! I scored 14/15.

  14. My mom was one of our girl scout leaders when I was in 2nd grade. One time we stayed in my dad's office that is on top of the Stouffer Hotel (now the Renaissance Hotel) for one of our "campouts". We all slept on the floor of one of the offices--roughing it! We went swimming in the hotel pool, went shopping in Church Street Center (now the public library) and other types of girl bonding. My mom and her friends used to jokingly call it "Troop Green Hills". Haha.


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