Monday, February 09, 2009


Happy Birthday, little blog. You are three today. Can you say three?

Do you remember when I birthed you one rainy morning in my mom's house, over cheerios and coffee? I wasn't sure what to even do with you for the first few months. We would just sit and stare at each other. The words that I was sure would flow like honey just wouldn't come.

Then together we made some big changes and the words wouldn't stop. I moved. You followed. I got a job. You came with me. Ups and downs, highs and lows, you've been there every step of the way to chronicle it all. You're the best listener I ever had, little blog. Did you know that? I can be creative, sad, happy, nostalgic, energized, excited and mellow all in one week and you wouldn't bat an eye.

Happy birthday, little blog. In this, your third year: remember that lots of people love you!


  1. I'm sad I've only been reading for 1 of these 3 years. Don't get me wrong though, I do go back and read what I've missed out on...

    Happy Bloggin' Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Blog. I enjoyed our Summer Love of 08. You helped me as I traveled the mid-west. The long distance relationship was tough, but was well worth it. I'm a better man for knowing you... and you've helped make things happen for me ;)

    Thanks a TON.

  3. As a reminder of all the decadent treats I came across through my travels, I figured you would enjoy this site... FYI, it's

  4. Happy Birthday POW...Thank you for reminding me for 3 years of stupid stuff I do that I might forget otherwise. Every mom need a daughter-blogger! It keeps you real humble!
    Also, POW, thanks for promoting my cyber-relationship with my youngest. When I miss her, reading her is the next best thing.
    Yo' Mama

  5. Happy Birthday POW.

    Your blog is pretty smart and observant for only being three.


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