Thursday, February 12, 2009


Get excited everyone - the top 35* on American Idol have been revealed and the game is officially on!

The best part about this is now we (we = Nashville) can brag on one of our own, and all you people from Alabama need to get on board too because there's no one from the Heart of Dixie on the show this year. Which is why all you need to join...

Meet Ricky Braddy. Ricky Dale Braddy Jr., to be precise. Not to be confused with Ricky Bobby but just as cool. He rolls with Evan and Elliott which means he is awesome by default. And, unbeknown to millions of Americans because Fox has not shown him singing one single note, HE CAN SING!

It's safe to assume plenty of people were left scratching their chins last night when Ricky popped up in the top 36. And seeing as how Ricky is the only person to make it to the show without ever having been on the show, that makes sense! Last night (in the closing credits) we learned Ricky can dance, Ricky's got style and soon you will all learn he can sing too. For everything else you need to know about Ricky, the Braddy Bunch is here to help. Visit to follow Ricky's progress and learn more about the man who Paula Abdul publicly announced as one of her top 3 favorites contestants (true story).

*Tatiana Del Toro is not in the top 36. She's not in the top 36, 360, 3600 or 36,000 contestants. That is all.


  1. tatiana is so horrible - she is going to be the next sanjiya if they're not careful.

    my top 4:
    danny gokey
    jasmine murray
    stevie wright
    anoop desai

  2. FOX, Freemantle, 19 or whoever edits this show sucks. They spend so much time on that other s@&% that you don't get to know ANYONE. I hate/love this show

    I don't remember ever seeing him, but I'm a fan if you are. I'll post something on my blog early next week for my handful of readers.

  3. Tatiana can be in my Top 3. She's my favorite.

  4. Tatiana needs to be deported back to Puerto Rico. PSYCHO!


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