Monday, February 23, 2009


So I've decided that rather than talk about the specific events of the weekend, I want to talk about the takeaways of the weekend and what I learned.

1. I wish you all could know C. Here's a start - his name is Chris. He is great. In what could have been a really awkward and tense situation, Chris initiated and extended peace and showed his remarkable character. I was so happy to support him and watch his kind heart in action. I have never been prouder of him than I was on Saturday and that says a lot because I pretty much stay proud of him for all the hard work does at his job and for his community and for his friends. I learned: It only takes a selfish person to be bossy, but it takes a humble person to be a leader. He is definitely the latter.

2. Sunday I decided to peruse the free fitness videos on C's cable On Demand. Hilarious. I started off with 8 minutes of Flirty Girl Fitness, which was more funny than it was challenging, mostly because I was doing Preppy Girl Fitness in pearls, a polo and jeans. After a poor attempt at the "chair routine," I moved on to the dance video. It was a good workout, but only 8 minutes long. Feeling like I had found a good thing, I started up Carmen Electra's dance video. I did a little bit of it but Carmen was boring me. She wanted to stretch and warm up; I wanted to dance. So I browsed around again and finally found another dance video that was 20 minutes of nonstop movement. The dance wasn't too hard and it reminded me of a cardio boogie class that six of us took at the gym during spring of my senior year. I learned: free workout videos are hit and miss, but when you find a hit, they're awesome!

3. Apparently my blog took a little nap this weekend. Not sure what that was about, but don't worry. I'd never disappear without at least leaving you a reasonable explanation. I learned: the interwebnet is great albeit occasionally unreliable.

4. I loved, loved, loved the Oscars this year. The part I was awake for at least. I dozed off somewhere after Heath Ledger's posthumous win and woke up as Kate Winslet was taking the stage. There are a billion other blogs talking about the same moments and outfits I would mention, so I won't reinvent the wheel. I didn't really learn anything, but felt I needed to include it.

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  1. I want to know how Chris has free on demand fitness videos. Who is his cable provider? I want to be able to pretend like I'm going to work out, especially if the videos are free.


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