Friday, January 23, 2009


Last night was the Bacchanalian Society event that I missed last year. This year, guests were allowed to preregister which guaranteed entry... for all 1,400 attendees!

Here is my team - Amy Winos. We were really pleased with our team name. We had a great time.
The event took place in the lobby of our big performing arts center. There were tables of wine in the main grand lobby and on the smaller second and third floor lobbies, so three floors of wine! Here is the view from the third floor. This was taken near the end of the night so a lot of the bottles are emptied (laying down).
I ran into Mehgan and Doug! I was sooooo jealous when about two minutes after this picture, Doug won two tickets to see Legally Blonde!
The event was so much fun. While a lot of people were really into the "tasting" part of the evening, I was just there for fun. Some people were taking copious notes on bottle after bottle, but I didn't feel like weaving in and out of thick crowds so I just enjoyed whatever wine was near me. Along with the spread of wonderful food! The snacks they had set out were amazing.

So, the first-place team took home 240 bottles of wine and the second and third place team took home a ton too. Unfortunately, none of those teams were Amy Winos. At least all the proceeds went back to TPAC. If there is not one of these in your city, you should organize one. DC? Atlanta? I'm talking to you!


  1. How much wine do you drink at these things? A little here and a little there adds up. No judgment. I'm just curious.

  2. There are buckets everywhere for you to spit it out if you want to, instead of drinking everything you taste.


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