Friday, January 30, 2009


No, I am not being sued. Rather, today is Sue's birthday!
Sue is my second mother. If we were a "godparent" type family, Sue would be my godmother. Or my sister's. Can you be godmother to more than one person? We'll just say Super Fun Aunt, just to be safe.

Sue and my mom grew up together in Smalltown, Alabama, where Sue lives with her family today. They stayed best friends even though Sue went to "the other school." Growing up, anytime we went to Smalltown, we got to visit Sue.

Seeing as how she is the only non-family member that has been in my life since day one, I have so many memories of time with Sue. They range from as simple as playing with her collection of California Raisins at her desk and using up all her office supplies, or constantly eating chocolate kisses at her apartment, to her coming on a trip Disney World with us or getting to be a junior bridesmaid in her wedding to Kyle in 1993. Six years later, they had Jennifer Grace, and it has been a real treat to get to play the "fun aunt" now to her daughter, even though I don't get to do it enough.

Sue could organize a glass of water. She has a knack for directing, planning and making things happen. She's like a little army sergeant. You have to be, to manage kids, stepkids, stepgrandkids, an elderly parent, two dogs and one husband under one roof at the same time. Sue stays busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

But she takes so much on because she is such a giving person. It's truly admirable that she is able to do all that she did/does for her friends, community and alma mater and still be a good mom, wife and friend. She wears so many hats and does each job well.
Suesue, I don't get to see you nearly enough as I would like. I hope you know how much I love and respect you, just like you were an extension of my own mother. One person, two bodies. I admire all the roles you play and what a giving person you are, of your time, resources and energy.

Thanks for years worth of chocolate kisses, cheese straws, birthday cards, spend the night parties, office supplies, but most of all, thank you for loving mom, Jen and I unconditionally, even when we weren't loving each other the same way. Sometimes I've thought you secretly are the glue that holds us together, with your no-nonsense advice and gentle-but-tough love. One day, I will forgive you for those bows you made us wear in your wedding. Love you much!


  1. These birthday posts are amazing. I cannot wait until my birthday.

  2. Wow, Lindsay! That was an awesome "tribute"! I love you too in spite of you putting a picture of me in my Christmas pajamas on the world wide web! This is an amazing birthday present, Lindsay Poo!

  3. Haha, I knew Sue wouldn't like that!

  4. Wish you all had a sister like Sue!


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