Friday, January 09, 2009


1. My sister and I have missed our ship. I found this web site yesterday, and if we'd put our thinking caps on a long time ago, we'd be running it - Postcards from Yo Mamma. People send in e-mails from their mom. My sister and I could have our own section on this web site. Go check it out if you haven't before.

2. According to, my Uggs have landed in Memphis. Hooray. I am so excited. They will be here Monday, if not before!

3. American Idol starts next week! Which means that four anonymous male friends* and I have circled our wagons and are ready for the 2nd Annual American Idol Challenge. It's not too late to join us, but you should know that we play hard. Wear a helmet.

4. Guess who has to go back to Best Lie... again! The disc they gave me with all my computer data on it is funky. When I paid the big bucks to have them back up the hard drive before sending it off (twice) to Geek HQ, on the form they gave me I wrote "please make sure to get the My Photos and My Music folder." Well guess which two folders I absolutely cannot find? I even go to My Documents, and those folders are missing. Morons. I called yesterday and just as I was afraid of, I have to drive back over there with the disc so they can look at it themselves. Fact: I'd sooner jump off a cliff than deal with them anymore. If anyone would like to volunteer to take this on, please let me know. I hope someone from Geek Squad or Best Buy is reading this. They should be monitoring their internet presence. You suck.

5. I registered for the 2nd Bacchanalian Society tasting party yesterday. Last year we got there late (not my fault) and walked for probably a mile in the freezing cold only to find out the event was full. Not this year. It's at a different (better) venue AND my team and I preregistered. We will be there with bells on. If you live in Nashville, come join us!

*I would post their identity, but I'll leave it up to them to come clean. I mean, four males and one girl? Sounds like a fantasy football league, not American Idol watching game.


  1. My brother-in-law has had very similar problems with "Best Lie". In fact, he took his computer to be repaired, and after a month, they still hadn't started but had called to tell him it was ready! The story goes on forever, but he now as 2 computers and only paid for 1.

  2. You're already doing a little trash talking.

    I'm sorry. I wasn't aware that gender roles applied to the American Idol challenge.

    I like TLC and shopping too. Judge me.

  3. Eric,
    That's what runner-ups do. They trash talk so they feel better about coming in 2nd place.
    Reigning Champion

  4. we bought our tickets to #5 last night. Looking forward to seeing you (finally).


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