Friday, January 23, 2009


In case you missed it, Eric was on The Price is Right this week. Behold: screen caps with what Eric was thinking.

See Eric in the top right? Here his name just got called. He lept from his seat and he is in the air:
Here I come, Drew!
It's all about strategy.
A GREENhouse?!?!
Why would anyone want a greenhouse?
I'll give you $1 for it.
Hey... Sweaters!
Hang on... those are nice.
I want the sweaters.
I hope this works...
I WON?!?!?!?
Awwww yeah
Oops... this is awkward.
And now I'm outta breath.
Is he still talking about those sweaters?
I guess I could use some living room furniture...? (Note: for an actor, you weren't too good at acting happy with your prize.)
Pick a pair you say.
I'll take the dog food, please!
Go for the hand soap!!!
Aw crap.
I didn't want that living room furniture anyway.
Thanks Drew!
Spin baby spin!
Ta da!
Unfortunately, that's where his game ended. No showcase showdown, no living room furniture, no scuba diving gear... just a bunch of expensive sweaters.

Love you Eric!


  1. Thanks! I haven't seen this yet so it's really funny seeing it in screen cap form. I don't think I need to see it now.

    I was not happy about the furniture. I remembered about halfway through the little pitch to act excited. Drew Carey kept saying, "hey, that's some nice furniture." I told him that my room was about the size of the couch.

    WHAT MALE WANTS A GREENHOUSE??? I'm happy with my assortment of his and her sweaters.

    5 CENTS! 5 CENTS! Stupid tri delt.

  2. PS.

    The "is he still talking about those sweaters" picture is the most disgusting picture of me ever.

  3. dang! I meant to set the DVR. anyone have a copy?

    love the tie, Eric!

  4. It's on The Price is Right's website.

  5. I had a hair cut today. I think I'm most worried about him, Marco, seeing it. He always gets on my case when I don't put stuff in my hair.

  6. This is hilarious! And cool. One of my secret dreams has always been to be on The Price is Right!


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