Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We've already discussed how I am not the smartest person ever, especially when it comes to physics. We used to have to watch videos in physics class of different experiments and why physics made the outcome one way or the other. "Physics types" is how the guy in the video would refer to his viewing audience. Personally, I think "bored types" would have been a lot more accurate. Isn't accuracy the most important thing about science anyway?

Even if my lab partner was pretty smart (thanks Elizabeth!) I still managed to learn nothing--unless you count learning how to deal with Slamb (physics teacher by day, cheerleading coach by night). In light of that, if one of you "physics types" out there could explain to me how successfully pour liquid from one vessel into another (i.e.: coffee from pot into my mug; water from cup into my vase of flowers; soup from pot into my bowl) without it trickling back down the side of the vessel and going ALL OVER THE COUNTER EACH AND EVERY TIME, I would really appreciate it.

Does it have something to do with the angle? The frequency? The pitch? The velocity? The density of the liquid versus the humidity in the air? The rate at which the liquid flows divided by the number of times I've already wiped the kitchen counter that day?


  1. Part of it is gravity. Part of it is surface tension. Pour faster.

  2. Agreed. Pour faster. Pour with confidence. Pour with plenty of napkins on hand.

  3. Physics was one of my most favorite subjects. Sometimes the design of the container from which you are pouring creates the problem of attraction with the water molecules. If your container has a "lipped" edge, it is more likely to pour to your liking. As smoother-edged container will create problems!!

  4. Wow, you have really smart friends. I am not one of them.

  5. Too bad Wes and Sarah already beat me to all of that, I am a scientific and mathematical phenom. (wait...) I usually just stick to pouring from a container with a little spouty deal that directs the liquid in the way it should go.

  6. Interesting. I always blaming my pouring problems on the container. Maybe I should have just asked my husband ...


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