Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Now for the most important post of the day: today is a very special day. Not just for Barack, but for my sister as well? Why? She's turning 28! Happy birthday, Sister!!
If you know either of us well then you know a few things: 1. We are pretty opposite 2. Because of that, we haven't always been super close. She wanted to pour hot coffee on my head when I was a baby. And she wasn't shy to tell people that either. But we have learned it is okay to be different and I really appreciate the ways in which we aren't alike. It enriches our family!

My sister reminds me more and more of my grandmother every day! Not only does she look so much like her but she inherited Granny's supreme culinary talents, too. Having the curiosity to try new recipes and the patience to get the dish just right is something she developed early on, and now she can do anything from an Italian cream cake to a 30 minute meal.

It's no coincidence that January 20th is her birthday. She has always had an interest in government, politics, history and tradition, so it's entirely fitting that she was born on a day that celebrates those. As soon as I heard that Jamie shares these same interests, I knew they were going to end up together.

Even though she lives far away in DC, where she is pursuing her own goals and dreams, we remain close. Today she is happy as a clam, attending the inaugural parade and one of the inauguration balls. Have a great time sister! Happy Birthday! I love you!


  1. That's so sweet! Thanks, sister!

  2. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful information with us.


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