Monday, January 12, 2009


This weekend was an interesting juxtaposition of activity. I loved it.

On Saturday, as I already mentioned, I spent the majority of the day on my feet. Albeit, I was wearing a fancy dress, tights and crocs for most of the day (don't worry, I put on my "party shoes" when the guests arrived). The reception was Gorgeous with a capital G. First of all, almost everything was white. White linens, white flowers, etc. I love all white. Secondly, the bride's cake was iced in white but was actually the most amazing chocolate cake I have ever had, a flourless fudgy concoction. Delicious. Third and most important, she had a mashed potato bar. Mashed potatoes and chocolate cake? That's a good night waiting to be had, let me tell you. Even if you are working nearly a 12-hour Saturday.

Then on Sunday, I had lunch with a friend and then saw Bride Wars with MB. It was pretty funny; the only thing about it that disappointed me was that I paid $7 for a matinee ticket. What in the world? Then I came home and "tidied" up my apartment until it was Golden Globes time (using the term "tidied" really loosely, of course, but I did start the dishwasher and run a load of laundry [side note: does anyone else find it harder to care about a clean house when you live by yourself?]). Anyway, I watched a few minutes of it before heading to C's house, where we decided to get some pizza. Then we watched the Globes on delay so as to forward through commercials and boring speeches before settling in for the night with a crackling fire, a glass of our respective spirits of choice (his: Beam and Coke; mine: chardonnay) and Burn After Reading. It was... interesting. Definitely the work of the Coen brothers. So I watched three different feature length presentations on Sunday.

I worked hard, and then I rested hard. It was a good weekend.

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  1. When I lived alone in Auburn it was impossible to keep the apartment clean. Now, I tend to get stir crazy if the apartment looks cluttered or messy. Maybe I'm getting old....


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