Thursday, January 08, 2009


I got an e-mail from Mark this morning (note: If you don't know who Mark is, then the rest of this post won't make a bit of sense to you and you should probably stop reading).

At first I thought it was spam. All it said was

Subject: Dec 10

I wrote him back and asked why he was sending me spam. While reading his reply I quickly caught on that the e-mail was not spam; rather, a not-so-subtle reminder of when his birthday is so that he too can get some love on my blog. I quote: "Long time reader, helped you get this dream job, listened to your family issues from time to time, featured you on a poster around campus, even have a picture of you and me in my office, and who is the greatest male in the world? Wes Bonds. Or maybe Eric Dunlap. Neither of whom you would have met without CWE by the way, so you are welcome AGAIN."

I wrote him back and said first of all, Wes and Eric are close to but not the greatest males in the world (no offense) and secondly, if they were, it would only be because they learned from you. I have Dec. 10 on my calendar and rest assured, Mark, there'll be a post waiting on you when you get to work log-in from home that day.

The subject changed after that and a few e-mails later, he mentioned that today is the first day of CWE training. I did some quick math (a near impossible feat for me) and realized that my first day of CWE training? WAS. FIVE. YEARS. AGO.

I'm sorry? What?

I almost fell out of my chair when I realized this. Am I that far removed? The greatest class of counselors ever to walk through the doors of Foy 189? Are we that long gone?

I know lots of you reading this were there that summer - what was your favorite memory? Tiger Auctions? Cobbler duty? Freebies? Napkin Mask man? Learning the dance for the end of War Eagle Welcome? Watching Derek's outrageous group cheers? Brant playing that teacher? Eric as Clay Aiken? David pretending to be a date rapist, and Blake supplying him the pills? Hearing Lauren say "fra-tuh-nit-y" house, or Christen say "Jinfer, yew just tawked to heem!" Yoga with Sensei and Katina in between sessions? Or Clayton knocking you onto the ground eight times in one summer? Oh wait, that one's just me.

Man, I miss CWE. I hope those new people know what they are getting into and just how lucky they are!

Bonus: Remember the prophecies David and I wrote? I dug them back out. So funny. Click here to download a PDF copy and see whose has come true. When the page opens, scroll to the bottom and click the button for the free download, and then enter the password. Hint: It's on the corner of Glenn and Dean.


  1. The greatest class of camp counselors ever? Ummm, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree on this point.

  2. Y'all were pretty close to being the best counselors ever, but of course I tend to think you got it from your "teachers". Love you - thanks for bringing all of these memories fun!

  3. yeah Star, you tell her. Everyone knows it was CWE 05 that everyone loved.

    Interesting note. I got the following email from Mark today:

    Subject:nothing personal

    You'll figure out what I mean soon enough.



    I'm a little worried.

    Haha, oxford and chinos. classic. Jennifer was my secret pal and on the sheet you fill out to help people buy stuff for you she put "brown and black" as her favorite colors.

  4. Nothing personal = sorry for cluing Lindsay into the fact that you are not the greatest man in the world. Duh.

  5. I've never claimed to be the best counselor. One of my campers wrong on my evaluation in all caps something like GET REAL PEOPLE TO BE COUNSELORS. I didn't know that telling a dude I didn't want to here him to talk about other campers' asses put me in the category of a robot.

    I really enjoyed this post. I was going to write something about CWE this weekend. I was cleaning my room this week, and I found the CD Dr. C made us with the end of the year slideshow and pictures. It reminded me of the details, and THOSE SOCKS!

    What were Mark's pet peeves? I remember
    -complaining without offering suggestions
    -clicking pens
    -maybe crunching ice???
    -maybe being unprepared for meetings???

    I also think that Mark doesn't like surprises. That's just my personal opinion. If you are making a "D" in Hydraulics, you should tell him. I think Mark made me a better American and an aficianado of peanut M&M's.

    I'm still waiting for the answer to your question. Wes may be smarter than me. I doubt he made a "D" in Hydraulics, but I think I get life points for your time spent playing in the Friends storage room at Warner Brothers. I wonder how many of the other counselors have hooked you up with that.

    Mark, I'm waiting for my e-mail. XOXO

  6. I guess you're right Lindsay. I didn't get a crazy phone call or embarrassing picture emailed to me last night so I guess that's what Mark's email was about.

    I actually made a "B" in Hydraulics.

    I hope you were being sarcastic with your question marks after chewing ice because he HATES that. I'm the world's worst at chewing ice and clicking pens.

    Wes, WesWesWes, WesWesWes, WesWesWes.

  7. Proof that I've been gone from Auburn for too long - I can't remember what's at Glenn and Dean. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of - help a sister out, Lindsay.

    Though I'm not that excited about seeing these predictions. I think I recall mine predicting I'd be a math teacher in some foreign country married to Will Jones. Password please Lindsay! :)

  8. Oh Kate I am disappointed. Travis would be too!

    When I say "Shop at!" you say "_____!" When I say on the corner of Glenn and Dean, you say "that's where _____ is!"

  9. Why didn't we get to keep those backpacks? Mine kind of had that old marshmallow smell.

  10. And I know the difference between hear and here. Sometimes my iPhone doesn't.

  11. I'm so glad I didn't end up as a parade planner :)


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